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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Chakra to go open source

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @Bass:I don't know. That's why I asked. So why is there no vs.net solution that allow me to write a truly universal app that spans all platforms and allows me to utilize my .net and javascript skills, if chakra is not needed for this?

    Is this what you are looking for maybe? https://github.com/winjs/winjs 

  • Chakra to go open source

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @felix9: because of the wording in the article. "Chakra powers Universal Windows applications across all form factors"

    If it is Chakra that powers UWP apps and it now becomes platform agnostic, √≠ read that as you can "embed?" Chakra into you ios/android package, a little bit how you use .net on those devices if you "embed?" mono

    iOS has Nitro eXtreme and Android has V8. Why would Chakra be needed for UWP?


  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    , elmer wrote


    It can certainly be done.

    There are already examples of Intel phones on the market - such as the ASUS ZenFone2 (Atom Z3580 - 2.3Ghz 4C 64-bit) and some crazy euros have even managed to get W10 running on it - so I'm sure that MS could do a MUCH better job of that, provided that the Atom processor can offer sufficient performance and battery life to be competitive.

    Intel Z2420 apperently uses a 32nm process. They will make an Atom with their new 14nm process eventually, and it will surely be more competitive. Well until ARM processors hit 14nm. What Intel can't fix in their architecture they make up using process technology. But the problem still remains that x86 is a garbage ISA, so the problem will never go away completely. Too bad Itanium was such a shamble.

  • Chakra to go open source

    , fanbaby wrote

    I say chances it replaces v8 in node are slim, but only time will tell. Interesting times.

    I think that's the main thing they want to do with it. It looks like it has better ES6 support, and that's something you'd want to take advantage of on the server-side more then the client.

  • Chakra to go open source

    What is the performance profile of Chakra? Is it competitive with V8? How about on server loads?

  • They killed windows phone today?

    , magicalclick wrote


    It is not about skill. They simply don't care.

    Even if I work at Microsoft, why would I go work at an office that uses a toolkit that is not marketable? So if I ever leave Microsoft I won't be easily able to find a job. That's no good. So I'm not going to work at an office like that, I would work at an Android or iOS office where at least I learn some skill that is more universally useful. That's why even Microsoft is horrible at making WinPho apps. Despite all the jokes Microsoft is not a borg it's made up of individuals acting in their own self-interests. It has to do with what skills developers want to cultivate to ensure their own success in the future.

  • Swift goes open source

    , Ray7 wrote


    Might be a little more complicated than that. IBM is building new apps for the enterprise around iOS. The problem is that IBM thinks, and it's probably right, that it makes sense to use the same computer language for the front end and the back end. They had this with Java to a certain degree, and they'd like to have the same for Swift. Apple doesn't have the expertise or the inclination for building compilers and frameworks for big iron, so the obvious answer is to let IBM do it. And IBM would be daft to do that unless Apple open-sources the language. 

    Another company has already gotten the ball rolling:


    And IBM has already got a sandboxed Swift environment running under Linux.


    So I don't think it's a case of "no one's using, so let's open-source it"

    More a case of

    "If we don't open-source it then it's not going to help us get where we want to be."

    If it wasn't for the brackets it has a very Pythonesque feel for it, Apple admitted lots of inspiration from Python actually. But it's also a native compiled language. Python productivity plus native performance I think that's a pretty powerful combination. It's probably to be a major competitor to Rust (another next-generation native language).


  • Swift goes open source

    , spivonious wrote

    As I wrote on our department chat when this came up...

    "No one's using this language. What can we do?"
    "I know, let's open-source it!"

    As a .NET developer, I hope you appreciate the irony of your statement.

  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    , cheong wrote

    For good start, how about trying to make these games available for WinPhone too?

    How? Even Microsoft would go quickly bankrupt trying to buy out every mobile games developer. Apple and Google don't have to write checks to get games. The task is you have to convince every developer real and theoretical to code for an OS with like 2% marketshare.

    It's just like... some people will use WinE to run MS Office on Linux before Office 365. While it won't lure Windows user to switch to Linux, at least it won't block them if they try.


    Linux has a tiny marketshare on the desktop. It proves my point really. Not for lack of investment either. IBM spent $1 billion dollars marketing Linux (generic Linux, not just server OS), eg this ad:

    Plus you have Google and Apple to some extent trying to eat into Windows desktop share. Maybe they've been a little more successful in recent years, but Windows desktop is still far and beyond everything else in usage. Why? Same reason why WinPh has no luck. Network effect. Chicken and the egg. Nobody knows how to beat it. Billions of dollars in marketing and engineering don't help.

    Yeah but MSFT could try more deals/writing checks to developers (-$$), more billboards (-$$$$), to promote an OS that due to a strange set of affairs MSFT makes less per handset then from Android (-$$$$$$$). Not the winning strategy for an organization presumably out to make a buck. But I'd like to see a major example of the network effect being overcome in the tech industry personally, but I ain't betting anything on this one.

  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    , magicalclick wrote


    Your video is just another proof that they love burning advertising money. Super Bawl ads is useless for WinPh.

    I'm just saying Microsoft makes inspirational ads also. There is also practical WinPho ads:

    These were on TV a lot. Lots of Lumia billboards around also, a lot seem to be in some pretty busy areas. Apple might have the best billboard spots, but they are the richest company in the world they can outbid literally everyone for advertising space.