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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Apparently, WMC is no longer part of Win10

    Kodi (formerly known as Xbox Media Center) ate the hobbyist market for media center. Which was never really all that big to begin with. The whole HTPC thing is very niche.

    Why? For $35 you can get a Chromecast that takes approximately 90 seconds to set up, >5W of power (it doesn't even need to be plugged into a wall), and can stream video and music from a local media server, YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. And this is a product that already had years to reach strong market penetration.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    , wkempf wrote


    Tunneling, sure, but tunneling alone won't give you the ability to tunnel applications. That works for X Windows because X Windows is built on a wire protocol. I could see tunneling an RDP session, but a lot more would have to change to allow for tunneling of individual applications. I would not expect to see this capability any time soon.

    Maybe future Windows will support X11 or Wayland. MacOS X can tunnel X11 applications but not Cocoa.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    , cheong wrote

    Btw, I've been using Cygwin's implementation of SSH server for ages.

    Wondering why it's reject when Telnet server remains there for ages... it couldn't be for security reason.

    Also, will the shell and applications run under SSH server run in Session 0 or a new session? Will it just allow EXE files compiled and marked to run with console subsystem? It'd be interesting to see the details releasing.

    I suspect it will open a new session as if you ran Powershell locally under whatever user you are SSH'ing as. Anything else would feel a little strange.

    What would be interesting is if you will be able to tunnel GUI applications through Windows's version of SSH.

  • Windows to support SSH natively

    , Jim Young wrote

    @Bass:Your title is misleading. SSH is to be integrated into Power Shell. You make it sound like it's  going to be part of the kernel.

    I understand it might sound bizarre to say "Windows supports SSH", because SSH is typically associated with Unix-like operating systems. But it's really no different then saying "MacOS X supports SSH".

    I don't see anything misleading at all. Windows describes more then just its kernel. PowerShell is modern Windows's bundled shell. A shell is an integral part of an operating system. SSH client/server is a normal process on all operating systems I am aware of. This puts Windows at the same level of SSH support as any other operating system that supports SSH.

  • Windows to support SSH natively


    Apparently this was proposed years earlier but was rejected by Microsoft's management.

  • I predict the new Macbook 12" will sell a lot ... if

    , Ray7 wrote


    I think the point of a laptop is whatever you intend to use it for. A location film editor wouldn't have much use for this, but for web surfing or writing on the train? Ideal. 

    That's what SSH is for! Anyway, even in the window where you can do something on a laptop (1) that doesn't need a cluster but (2) requires something better then what is already very decent specs of the Macbook - I still would take the 2x less computational performance over lugging around my heavy Macbook Pro. I never liked the Air though, because of the screen. Screen resolution is not something you can SSH into. The Macbook has a Retina display!

    I mean did you ever play with this thing? It makes 10 inch Chromebooks look like heavy/bloated bricks in comparison. It has a very nice design too, feels really sturdy.

  • I predict the new Macbook 12" will sell a lot ... if

    I like how small and light they are, seem like a perfect travel laptop (which IMO is the point of a laptop).

  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    , NoelCarboni wrote

    Experienced people have wisdom.  I'm not more stupid than when I was a bright eyed 20 year old working on mainframes, dreaming of the computer power we'd some day have.  I've written thousands of lines of code this week.

    Computing, however, is getting a whole lot more stupid than it was then.  It was struggling to get better.  Now it's not.  This is a recent phenomenon, and not an inevitable product of a "generation gap".

    When Engineers (geeks) are in charge, things get better.  When Marketing people (jocks) are in charge, we suffer.  It has always been and it will always be.  Scott Adams has it right.


    So back in the 80s pretty much all PCs came with BASIC included. Even the cheap/crappy ones. And some popular programs in the 90s had integrated scripting. This lowered the barrier to entry to becoming a developer. These appliance-like devices that are popular these days put harsh restrictions on programs that can be used to create other programs, so it's not even that programming is less accessible, it's becoming prohibited completely.

    This could sound great in the sense that less people doing development = more demand for development, supply/demand, good for developers. But, at the same time computer science is such a new field and there so much left to do, as you mentioned, to create the "Star Trek" future. We all actually suffer if people are discouraged from getting into computer science. Plus, there are entire fields that probably aren't investigated as much as they should be, with less scientists and technologists in general, society as a whole will tend to increase economic priorities on software that does not progress the human condition, to the point that even such an idea, as you observed, becomes niche.

  • how recent is adblocker?

    People would share /etc/hosts files with ad agencies domains back in the 90s. I think ad blocking as probably about as old as ads.

  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    , evildictait​or wrote


    Then stop watching trash. There's plenty of good stuff out there if you reach for the remote. Hell, you could even turn it off and read a book.

    I sometimes have concern for things that don't directly effect me. I'm commenting on how the quality of TV programming has declined, not that I can't avoid it.