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Bass Bass Knows the way the wind is flowing.
  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , magicalclick wrote

    @Bass: Just a friendly reminder, I did not make this yet another WP bashing thread. And my thread did not actually claim WP is dead or that MS will kill WP or WM entirely. So, in case you or other people trying to stereotype me into the unavoidable future, I am here clear my name before it happens. Sorry TC that I go off-topic, but, I know I will get stereotyped and i have gotten that many times. So, I need to clear my name here.


    Hey, it's actually all anyone wants to talk about anymore on C9. I'm totally hypocritical for contributing. But there aren't really any active threads besides these WM "let's bash/let's save/it's dead/it's not dead" threads. No worries, I'll post another AI thread that nobody will care about. :)

  • Microsoft releases AI toolkit as open source

    Hey, old news maybe. This is actually what Microsoft Beijing used to win the ImageNet competition this year.


    It's a lot faster then Google's TensorFlow. Only problem is I personally think the config-like API for interacting with it is horrible. I think what will happen is MSFT will improve the API and Google [already is] improving TensorFlow's speed and we'll have two competing frameworks that roughly do the same thing. :)

  • Microsoft Kill Off Windows Phone

    , PeterF wrote

    @Ray7: Hence my remark that it's a unified platform, so suddenly the install base of your app can become a lot bigger...

    I question if you can turn something complex like MS Word into a single codebase without either the desktop experience or the mobile experience being awful. It's only really a thing for simple mobile-first apps that nobody in their right mind would use on a desktop anyway. 

    But the worse thing is "universal apps" can't run on iPhone and Android. It's a very outdated Microsoftism to call a platform that only works with Windows universal. This delusion can't be helping people take MSFT's platform seriously. 

  • DeepMind's AI masters Go

    In case you haven't seen it already:

  • So Joe Belfore is using iPhone right now.

    , magicalclick wrote


    Hmmmm...... so I have WP7, WP8, WM10..... and you don't. And you think you qualify to judge my complaints toward a device that I own, which you have no interest of buying?

    I'm not judging your quality of your complaints, just the quantity. You made two W10 threads within like an hour of each other. Since C9 is not particularly active, if you keep doing this you crowd out everything else and half the main page will consist of magicalclick complaining about W10. 

  • So Joe Belfore is using iPhone right now.

    All you do is talk about it switching phones, this is like the 100th post you made about the topic. Why? Either switch or don't switch. I have iPhones for a long time and have zero complaints about them. But it is just a smartphone, it's not gonna make your junk larger or pay for your private jet. Don't see the point to jerk it furiously in blog comment sections and forums about why some phone choice is number one.

  • MS takes another bite at Windows App developer proceeds

    Can't they just take the hit from the 30% cut they are taking already? A 30% cut is already a pretty big cut when you think about it for a store that is all digital. Anyway iTunes/App Store doesn't seem to do this for their gift cards, and they have less need to encourage developers.

  • I can immediately tell that a video is 60Hz

    TV is usually 30 FPS but movies are 24 FPS. You can definitely notice the difference between 24 FPS and 30 FPS. When a movie is shot in 30 FPS people some times view it as having cheap looking (home videoish) cinematography, that's why movies are still 24 FPS to this day. We are just so used to having crappy FPS, it's become associated with high budget cinema vs low budget TV.

  • On the subject of Desktop Development

    Back on topic, this is good stuff. Those are some really nice looking UIs. And it's cross platform and works all the way down to Win95? Wow. 

  • On the subject of Desktop Development

    You can make offline web app these days even without Electron or any special frameworks. Edge supports it. Not many people take advantage of this nice feature, but I have a couple of Chromebook apps that work offline. Basically we have full key/value store built into all modern browsers, http://www.html5rocks.com/en/features/offline