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  • Microsoft Research TechFest - Intro, DynaVis, and FastDash


    I actually just created an account so I could post feedback.  I don't watch the videos over and over, I meant over the course of many different ones it started to wear on me.  If it makes you feel better Scoble had that annoying laugh of a mouth breathing dullard after every comment going but also delivered great content.

    I'm not questioning your skills I just know what would make it more enjoyable to me.  I'd be awful at doing these, so I can't give you any pointers myself.  I'd be annoyingly bland, you're better.  I do know public speaking trainers encourage videotaping yourself and watching them, just encouraging you to watch them yourself and see if you might agree.  You may already do this.

    My personal guess is that younger techs new to the industry like the shtick and the seasoned techs want you to mostly pull technical content from the guest with just a little bantor to get them to reveal their personality.

    Do whatcha do.

    Regarding "Beer28", buy shirts that fit. Tongue Out

  • Microsoft Research TechFest - Intro, DynaVis, and FastDash

    A general Rory video comment (there may be a better place to post this), I may be the only one but I'd like to see him lighten up on the shtick.  Not really "new to this thing" anymore and it's approaching Bevis and Butthead level.

    I like the videos, like Rory and like the friendly banter but it's getting a little old.  I guess the reason I post this is due to the fact I watch a lot and over many videos it gets annoying. If this is Rory in real life I'd suggest spending time watching the videos and trying to polish on-air presentation skills. 

    P.S. Love the content! Big Smile