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  • Channel 9 Live at MIX10 – Who, What, Why, When and How!?

    Will these be uploaded too or do I have to see them live? I have school so I can't watch it live unforunately (or else I'd be there because I live in Vegas).

  • Outlook Social Connector Announcement

    This crashed for me too, but I figured out how to fix it.


    First, uninstall the LinkedIn connector and OSC if you installed them already. Then, right click the Office 2010 entry in Programs and Features and select 'Change'.  When the dialog appears, make sure that 'Add or Remove Features' is selected and click 'Continue'. Expand Microsoft Office Outlook and then Outlook Add-Ins and choose 'Not Available' for Outlook Social Connector. Click Continue, wait for it to finish, and then install OSC and the LinkedIn connector.