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  • Expert to Expert: Meijer and ​Chrysanthak​opoulos - Concurrency, Coordination and the CCR

    Great video!

    However - I've been fascinated by the CCR ever since it turned up as a topic on CHannel 9.  Now, it seems to be oretty complete, and I thought this may be the time to try to change one of our server applications to use the CCR rather than using Threadpools etc.

    Well - what's with the licensing?  I don't want any robotics junk installed on my development-machine, still, I want to try out the CCR, so I found this page:

    Am I supposed to spend $300 to TEST OUT the CCR in a clean environment?  Come on...

    And volume license...?  We want to use this as a mechanism in a single server-app (on ONE server) for starters, there is no DSS involved.

    Am I missing something?