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  • Michael Howard - When does threat modeling come into play?

    The problem is simply not limited to servers though;  Internet explorer vulnerabilities have plauged every version of windows.  They are possibly the single largest flaw in the windows operating system where most viruses and worms make their entree.

    In my opinion, not enough has been done to fix these problems, some of which have existed in Internet Explorer for quite a long time now.

    On a server shutting everything off is not a big deal, but on a desktop it's a really big deal, and desktops are the ones spreading many of the annoying worms we have to deal with today.
  • Michael Howard - When does threat modeling come into play?

    I simply can't agree with this;  While I do believe Michael's intentions are ultimately to make things safer for the end user, "turning it off" doesn't help us.  Many of us need these components to work.

    I would much rather see fixes for these problems rather than an "ignore it and it'll go away" approach.
  • Bill Hill - There is only one space after a period

    I use two spaces#@!  Come get me monospacers, you won't take me alive!