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  • The Evolution of .NET

    Hi Peter, 

    I hope so much that you are right.  I still remember the big Firestarter Silverlight Event not too long ago  where Microsoft showed a bright future of Silverlight.  Half a year later it was dropped. This made Microsoft an unpredictable partner in my eyes,  for the first time within 25 years. We are now doublechecking our C# based application family for Mono and Linux compatibility,  'just in case'... At least better than turning to a different language and runtime environment starting with J... 

  • The Evolution of .NET

    After having dropped Silverlight (and Lightswitch as well) Microsoft has no RAD tool for creating serious and responsive user interfaces like pivot grid views featuring groupable headers and editable auto select listbox colums etc which were realizeable with C# only (no messing around with. css,  chaotic javascript and tons of. html files) within minutes.. HTML is Ok for documents and static formulars  but not for ergonomic, fast and rich user interfaces which have to be programmed and maintained within real project schedules.  Not everybody likes html and javascript hacking with ASP. NET... 

    Bill Sempf was right saying that there has not been any news on the. NET platform... The last time this happened was with the presentation of Silverlight 5. You know how this ended. For me it looks like the former giant Microsoft is turning into an unpredictable partner...