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  • Bill Gates: Answering Questions in India


    if you need to do something with your money i'll help you spend it.  i'll do it - I'm not saying it's going to be easy, it's a tough job to spend that much kash, but i'll do it - because that's the kind of team player i am.  selfless& committed.  it's working with professionals such as myself that make this business such a worthwhile endeavor.


  • MIX06: Windows Live

    The main problem with html is that it marries content and presentation in such a way that the two are indescernible without low level screen scraping.  This makes it impossible to throw a new skin on the same content.  This means that the content is only viewable by html viewers, namely the desktop computer.  The day will soon dawn when we demand this same content through smaller form factors.  This will require us to decouple content and presentation.  Furthermore javascript does not allow for full harnessing of the client cpu as does c#...

    I'm not afraid to go out on a limb and state that new web development should be done using .NET Winform applications consuming web services and NOT done in html.  Internet users will soon all have the .NET framework on their machines.  They will want it as soon as the killer application comes out that demands it.  We all take our cars to the mechanic for a tune up and an oil change.  We must agree to upgrade and update our computers in a similar manner. 

  • Life and Times of Anders Hejlsberg


    This divide certainly exists but is easily shrinkable.  .NET 2005 makes huge steps.  In VS2003 you must create the code to invoke a stored procedure, whereas in vsnet2005 you can drag a stored proc into a dataset and it autogenerates the code. 

    The next step is autogenerated stored procs which is something that is easily doable using SQL MO, previously DMO.  By simply declaring an event schema you can autogenerate the sql table structures to hold the data, as well as the stored procs as well as the c# data layer.

    A key idea is the marriage of object orientation with relational databases and this can be done very very very easily.  Without it we are stuck doing what we do today.  I've already got this one worked out.  Let's discuss at Mix06!

    And let's play some ping pong.  Just so we get the urban legend story straight, I remember reading that the signing bonus of $1.5 million was doubled over the phone contigent upon resignation within 24 hours.  True or false?

    And Turbo Pascal 7.0 ROCKED!