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  • Inheritance Is The Base Class of Evil


    Would you recommend this nonintrusive approach for types used to inject test seams into code? E.g. consider a program which depends on the file system, or a database, or similar, which needs to be replaced with something else during testing.

    Would you recommend this value semantics behavior when injecting these kinds of seams that expose data external to the program that can't be copied? (E.g. we can copy a file handle, but we can't copy the underlying structures backing it because those are outside our programs' control)


  • Stephan T. Lavavej - Core C++, 8 of n

    Here's another extremely common do-while example -- interfacing with most many C APIs. For instance:

    std::vector<unsigned char> buffer;
    unsigned int bufferLen = 0;
    unsigned int error = 0;
        error = ::SomeCApi(, &bufferLen);
    } while (error == ERROR_MORE_DATA);

  • Mohsen Agsen - C++ Today and Tomorrow

    I would love to be able to build for Windows XP RTM, and Windows XP SP1, while not giving up the newer C++ features. That's not really language specific, I guess.