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  • Windows 10 + 4K Monitor - Painful

    Now things got worse. I'm currently migrating my work comp from W7 to W10. So in addition to W10 making it hard to distinguish many overlapping windows from each other due to the flat theme, RDP doesn't show drop shadows at all, regardless of the RDP settings.

    This is going to be painful. I hope MS allows 3rd party theming eventually so that those of us that need to do real work can have an option not to spend 30% of our brain trying to decipher what is going on on the screen.

  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.


    Yes this is with a 950. Sure there isn't a long delay between pics but after 5 or so quick pics it freezes and does the "Saving..." thing. I guess it runs out of memory and needs to save to storage, which takes time given the amount of data. At that time it freezes for about 8 seconds showing "Saving...".

  • Quick thought on W10M Lumia 950.

    , MasterPi wrote

    Also, MS needs to shield the "Back Arrow" OS button from apps. The other two OS buttons "Windows" and "Search" operate exclusively at the OS level, and so it's odd that you have this third button that can navigate within an app. Other than the fact that it's confusing an unpredictable to use that button when a press can either send you to a different page of an app or to another app entirely, when you don't always have the button on screen (in the case of newer phones), you can't be made to rely on it to move around an app or reverse actions within an app.

    Yea this really annoys me. For instance when you do a search for music in Groove Music and then go into one of the artists/albums to add the music to a playlist, going back puts you right at the start screen of Groove Music. So you lose your search and need to start over again. Very inconsistent and unpredictable.

    Camera is awesome, and I like how it barely takes time between shoots.

    I don't know, this isn't my experience. Doing that a few times results in a "Saving..." notification that freezes everything for 5 seconds or so. Also taking a picture then going back to view it, it says "Adding the finishing touches..." for a few seconds so it isn't very fluid. This is especially annoying if all you want to do is delete the picture, now you need to wait around until it finishes processing on a picture you don't even want.

  • Gosh why is C9 so bad with MS browsers?

    I was contemplating getting an Android phone to replace my wife's broken WP, but after she said she didn't care either way I get her a Lumia 950 since it should be easy to migrate.

    However I must say the QA on this phone must have been minimal since it is buggy as crap. I had to show her how to do a reboot since it often gets into weird states where things just stop working. Videos recorded with the phone would no longer want to start playback, it would become extremely sluggish. Sometimes taking a video would result in a black screen so the phone looks like it died, but flicking left or right would make it come to life again, etc.

    But yea, the browser experience is a whole different category of fail altogether.

    I don't think MS is into WP anymore. I'm wondering if buying the 950 was a mistake after seeing how little effort was put into it.

    Its just so hard to be an MS fanboy these days, sigh...

  • MS back tracked yet another idiotic decision.

    Well, it makes the decision whether to stick with WP or go somewhere else easier. Only reason left why I'm still on WP at this point is because I have a few custom apps I wrote. Then again I'm sure there will be at least 10 different equivalent non crap apps to choose from on iOS/Android.

    And if I get the itch again to write a phone app I can learn to do that on Android. I hear it's popular...

  • I got the Microsoft Phone Display Doc!

    It is a good idea but ahead of its time. I'm sure the way this is going, at some point our "phones" (can we find a better name already) would connect wirelessly to what would essentially be a dumb terminal, whether at home, work, on the monitor build into the seat backs on the plane etc.

    A monitor and keyboard can't really be miniaturized. Unless we project them of course, which can be done in both cases but that tech is also not there yet.

  • I got the Microsoft Phone Display Doc!

    It's a good idea, but in reality would the type of person that wants to use this be traveling without a laptop?

  • Reaction toward Lumia950 reviews.

    Every time MS releases new phones, we have this very same discussion all over again. But nothing changes. MS market share is still just as low as ever and isn't magically going to increase this time.

    And no, it doesn't matter whether MS has the best tech in their phones or not. When the Lumia 920 was released, it was the 1st phone that had optical image stabilization, and it could take good low light pictures compared to the competition. Didn't matter.

    Something that does matter a lot though and is probably the biggest issue it the lack of enough good apps. WP doesn't even get mentioned in adds/websites promoting their mobile apps anymore. It's iOS and Android. That is it.

    Seeing as WP is going nowhere, how is the Windows tablets doing? I ask because the Windows UI, which was successful in its previous form, had to die and be modelled after a mobile platform that doesn't seem to be doing even a tiny fraction as good as Windows do/did.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    Ugh, IE crashing on AT&T website when looking at Lumia 950. How... ironic...? poetic...?

    Go here then click on the Reviews tab. Not sure whose fault it is.

  • The should I give up my windows phone question

    You will always have a better UX with a native app, period. Unless of course it is a crappy native app implementation, but that is a different story.