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  • ClearType will be back in Win10 browser! finally

    , Lizard​Rumsfeld wrote


    It seems it's at least partly addressing the speed argument, but what about the potential issues with rotated displays, text on coloured backgrounds, etc? I'm all for it, as there are hundreds of millions of low-DPI screens out there (like mine) where grayscale just doesn't cut it and this was actually a major reason I couldn't use Edge, but this is quite a significant reversal and would like to see how this works when MS has been making the argument that RGB subpixel rendering is a dead end technology.


    A quick search shows the problem is that the ClearType is not changed to compensate when a display is rotated after tuning has been done. But can't Windows detect when a display has been rotated and switch to the equivalent rotated configuration?

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    Oh I made this VS plugin (not work related) that adds a "Live Watch" window in VS. So similar to the Watch window in VS, you can add variables to it to show their values, but when you run your program, it keeps updating the values in realtime. This was mainly just to learn to program VS plugins but also because I thought it would be useful to watch variables in realtime.

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    I made a VS plugin that does various things, including keeping code on different systems in sync etc. At the time I could not find a VS plugin that showed end of line whitespace (and remove it) so I added that to the plugin as well (there are a few now that can do it).

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    , PeterF wrote

    Don't count on my free advice with that kind of attitude!

    A Channel9 admin might just as well lock down this thread...

    Peter, not sure I follow. Bass came in here on his high horse and started insulting while having zero understanding whatsoever of what the project is I'm working on. He is pretty much always trolling here on C9, so yea, I believe I have a right to ask him to get out. He is basically the definition of what a troll is.

    [Edit] Granted I could have asked him to leave a bit more diplomatically, but past experience shows that doesn't work, so sorry if you feel offended.

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    , phreaks wrote


    Why not make the python bits a restful service using any of the various python modules that make this easy (flask, bottle, cherrypy, etc).

    Then executing your python methods are a simple rest call.

    Thanks for the info. Yes I have actually started looking into this approach as well.

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]


    Which part of "No Trolls Please" and "GTFO" confuses you?

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    @Bass: I guess some things never change... After all this time you are still C9's resident troll.

    So here's the plan... Since you are incapable of actually contributing anything positive, from now on whenever I post a thread, STFO of the thread. That also means GTFO of this thread - Thanks!


  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    @Bass: If you don't understand the question then please stop posting your drivel in my thread.


    And BTW, you are correct that you didn't read it right. I didn't say it copies files around and does other "complex things", I said the overall framework was complex. Big difference, duh!

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    After thinking some more about this...

    Maybe what I want isn't supported. Instead what I should do is create a Python project in the solution, then develop/debug the scripts by running them from this Python project. Once that is done, I would then simply run the Python script from my C# application using Process.Start.

  • Anyone here using VS + PTVS to run Python scripts? [No Trolls Please!!]

    I'm just starting to look at PTVS and it looks good, but I can't figure out how to do what I want, or if it is even possible.

    What I have right now:
    A C# application that manages various Linux machines to initiate builds, copy files around etc. It is really a companion app to a VS plugin I wrote for my dev environment. This C# application has a lot of hard-coded steps it performs on remote hosts via SSH. This is hard to maintain as things get more complex over time.

    What I want:
    I want to break out these remote steps into Python scripts so that the C# application can call these scripts. This will make it easier to maintain.

    So basically I want the ability to run Python scripts from within the C# application. I know that I can simply use a new Process to start an external Python scripts, however I don't think that would allow me to debug the Python script (or does it?).

    Also, I would like to stick to CPython and not use IronPython. Supposedly PTVS supports CPython better than it does IronPython. This is good because my company uses Python a lot and I'd like to eventually integrate some of the existing scripts into the C# app. This might be easier to do if I use CPython instead of IronPython I think. Also, I might be wrong, but it seems since PTVS supports any Python interpreter, that IronPython is basically deprecated (?).

    Anyway, back to my problem... After a lot of searching, I still can't figure out how to run a Python script from within the C# application. This seems easy when using IronPython as you simply add "using IronPython.Hosting" and then use Python.CreateEngine().

    However, when not using IronPython, How do I run the Python scripts from within C#?