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  • New Vista GUI Stuff For Devs

    MarkPerry wrote:
    [quote]In fact, IIRC, Mac OS X was particularly bad at this, despite having  beautifully smooth window dragging even on a GeForce 2.

    True. Maybe it's been worked out now, but on my old Mac Mini G4 this is the one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb. It can handle window dragging and drop shadows beautifully on the Mini's miniscule 32 MB video card, but as soon as you grab a window resize handle and yank it, it's as if you just asked OS X to calculate the meaning of life. You can resize, go out to lunch and when you come back it's still figuring out how to redraw.

    I haven't tried Vista yet (tomorrow is the virgin tour) and I'm quite shocked about the stuff I'm reading here. Considering what Core Animation in OS X can do on a 32 MB card, and the fact that Aero asks for 128 MB minimum (or is it 256 MB?) I was expecting no less than freaking Industrial Light & Magic quality from Aero, DWM should be running circles around Core Animation -- and if what you're saying about WMP11 is true, then whoever greenlighted it for release shouldn't merely be fired, but buried. WMP11 was a downgrade from WMP10 anyway, bring on WMP12 *now*.