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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • Things to say to Cortana

    @Jason818: Right now, all I expect is a clever set of heuristics, sort of Eliza on steroids (and quite some steroids it got).

    And yet, this morning, Cortana asked me: "Is this your home?", with a Yes/No button and a "How did you guess" link. I tapped the link and it replied "Your phone is here often in the evening".

    I know that someone wrote some code to make this happen, and I even know I should find this borderline creepy. And yet, I couldn't avoid smiling. Before coffee, nonetheless.

  • Finally WP8 calender monthly has easily visible HasEvent indicators.

    , Bas wrote

    The number of the week in the year. First week of the year has number 1, last has number 52 or 53, depending on the year. Also depending on the method of calculation. Last time I checked, .NET didn't return week numbers according to the ISO standard so maybe the WP Calendar team didn't want to open that can of worms.

    I believe it's just that week numbers are popular in some locales/markets/professions and pretty much ignored everywhere else.

    As for .NET, I believe the ISO week numbering is equivalent to the CalendarWeekRule.FirstFourDayWeek. That's not very helpful, as the ISO rule is almost unanimously disregarded.

  • Finally WP8 calender monthly has easily visible HasEvent indicators.

    If only they added week numbers to the Calendar, it would be absolutely perfect.

  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    , magicalclick wrote


    I just tried it. Hold Cortana and say Play Next Song. The Play Previous Song is not so great because the music player will just restart the song. By the time you say the command again, it is too late.

    Yes, that should be fixed. I know it mimics how the prev button works, but it just feels dumb.

    On a positive note, you can ask for a specific track by name, which is insanely cool. The whole music interaction was nice, down to the non-obvious "Play something".



  • IE6 hate is misdirected

    @fanbaby: +1

    Standard bodies didn't appreciate the importance of open standards either, or they would have had a more pragmatic approach. Yes, even towards the Sith Lords of Redmond.

  • Laughs of the day

    , androidi wrote

    Was just trying to find out what's the oldest legit filedate I might encounter. Explorer shows 1.1.1980 dated folder as having no date (zip extracted with winrar). Is that ntfs "null date" or what? edit: alley cat's cat.exe has date from 1984.

    FILETIME's range starts at 1 JAN 1601, which means that NTFS could correctly store Pierre de Fermat's files, but not all those of Tycho Brahe. Coin toss with Galileo Galilei.

    1 JAN 1980 is the DOS epoch, so that's probably the limit for FAT.

    You'll still be at the mercy of whatever your backup utility deems reasonable, though.

  • Microsoft eliminates license fee on all phones and mid-sized tablets running Windows

    @Dr Herbie: The choice manufacturers really have is between paying Microsoft to make Android devices, and making Windows devices for free. I guess that also explains the aggressive patent assertion.

  • Definition of a lower-class developer:

    , fanbaby wrote


    I failed to make my point. Microsoft's accusations are so broad that you could drive any OS through it. Which can be summed up: "Microsoft owns the OS space". :(

    Sorry about that, I have a knee-jerk reaction whenever someone seems to imply that FreeBSD is just another Linux distro.

    Anyway, if Microsoft owns the OS space, as you claim, it's just because those who benefit from Linux don't seem to be interested in protecting it properly. The patent system is a disgrace, but ignoring it exists isn't a good way to fight it IMO.

  • Definition of a lower-class developer:

    , fanbaby wrote


    Also if they're claiming that Linux infringes their IP, surly OS X also infringes, so why don't they sue Apple? Oh, I see, Apple also had some patent ammo.

    Last time I checked, OS X was based on FreeBSD, not Linux.

    What I don't get is why Google doesn't step forward and protect their product. Even if MS is not suing them directly, they could still provide the legal punch in court and promise to hold their OEMs harmless if they decide not to settle.


  • Why Microsoft Makes $5 to $15 From Every Android Device Sold

    , evildictait​or wrote

    How is reporting money made from Windows Phone patents as "Windows Phone profits" unreasonable?


    I agree in principle, but the article singles out the patent for long file name support on FAT and I cannot see how one can consider that a "Windows Phone patent".