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  • Backbone exists in 0s and 1s too

    , figuerres wrote


    I think you got that wrong:

    the idea that we are supposed to protect is that how you vote should not be public, that you should not be called out for the choice you make.

    that does allow for one to lie but that is not why it's that way.

    Unless I misunderstood you, it amounts to the same thing, from slightly different points of view.

    but I think Dave's point is valid:   if I vote yes on something is that yes being accurately tabulated and counted?  if I vote yes and some how the recorded vote is altered before it's counted then we have a big problem with our system.

    Yes, Dave's point is very valid, but I think that any system that allows you to verify your vote intrinsically open the door to others verifying your vote - either stealthily or at gunpoint.

    That means we have to trust the system, and the solution is to make the system more transparent and harder to manipulate, which implies going as low tech as possible, not the other way around. If that means we don't get to see the results on TV by midnight, then be it.



  • Backbone exists in 0s and 1s too

    @davewill: The ability to lie about how you voted is a basic pillar of democracy, and any self-verification system I can think of would essentially deprive you of that.

  • I got the Microsoft Phone Display Doc!

    What I would like to see is being able to "borrow" monitor, keyboard and mouse of a PC from the  lock screen. You attach your phone via USB and you can take over.

    Make it optional, password protected, and give the option to the PC owner to decide what gets shared, if anything (such as printers, internet access, some local drives).


  • Should Microsoft invite this guy to their next language conference?

    No, because Bjarne Stroustrup could frown hard enough to cause a minor earthquake.

    Seriously, I only made it to half of the second video and then had to give up; maybe that's what the game industry considers top-notch programming, but at that point we should add triple-A games to stuff you better not see how it's made (along with sausage and laws).


  • Could you code like this?

    , TheTraveler wrote


    What about this?

    Code Canvas in Visual Studio (5 years old, 7. min 46)

    What way you think working with code goes?

    HoloLens, or something like that.

    For text editing, it would just be the overlarge screen (without an overlarge notebook); but there's a lot more to invent in other areas. I don't remember ever seeing a UI designer that didn't feel cramped, for instance, with all the tool boxes and dialogs fighting for screen space. Debuggers, too.

    Might even lead to a reasonable way to code without writing text, someday...



  • Office 365 Outlook  - Clutter

    , ScottWelker wrote

    Seriously? Do you let someone else manage your Inbox? Why would you defer this responsibility to "machine learning"?

    In a sense, yes. I don't know what you do, but I have plenty of junk-mail filters on every mailbox I have and this looks exactly like the same concept, except labelled differently.

    Might not be for everybody; it probably depends on how many messages (and how much noise)you receive every day.

  • Google is now Alphabet

    , cheong wrote

    How is "HOME BOX OFFICE, INC" related to that?

    That's why it's funny.




  • Windows 10 is mobilised

    , spivonious wrote

    @bondsbw: I suspect that's their reasoning as well, but why not just call it "Windows 10"? It's the same OS, just compiled for ARM, or MS has been lying to us.

    If they called it "Windows 10" without an obvious qualifier, some people would expect it to run their desktop applications. Remember WindowsRT?

  • Dual Boot++ -MS Patent

     @cbae: the submission is dated 2007; virtualization was all the hype, back then.

    The age of the patent is also evident in this little gem: "More particularly, it is not uncommon for a consumer to become frustrated with the wait-time of booting a smartphone today."

  • Hololens ideas.

    , Dr Herbie wrote


    Did someone already mention city tours?  Look at a historic building and have the history of it read to you with overlays.  Put some tourist guides out of work.


    This is especially useful with archeological sites, where you could show virtual reconstructions over the ruins.