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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • Windows 10 on Rasberry Pi 2

    , Bas wrote

    @Blue Ink: I wonder how this works if you run Windows. If you could use it as a way more powerful Netduino, that'd be great.

    In a sense, yes, but you get to program in C++. I guess a .NET MF port would be possible (one is being attempted on codeplex), but Microsoft doesn't seem to be interested and that's a pity.

    Be warned, though: this sucker takes minutes to boot Windows, which is perfectly fine for a desktop PC (well, not anymore, really), but not what I expect of an embedded device. Not much of an issue for devices that stay on 24/7, but still...


  • Windows 10 on Rasberry Pi 2

    , kettch wrote


    At this point, the advantages of the Pi are community and accessories. Maybe that's not important for commercial customers, but for hobbyists it's vital.

    As for community and accessories, the Galileo is compatible with the Arduino.

  • HoloLens UI is a better approach than GG.

    , LaBar wrote

    Voice as a UI has yet to take hold. We still don't like talking to our devices. The tech is not solid and it's just easier to hit a button. In time I think it will be the default UI, but how long?


    Forever, probably: there are basic privacy problems that make voice UIs unacceptable in public and there aren't practical solutions to those (unless you would consider learning Klingon, or Elvish).

  • HoloLens

    , Ian2 wrote


    So it probably feels more like wearing a hat than a pair of glasses?

    Not just any hat. Extra points to the team for the restraint shown in not naming it the HaloLens.

  • Interesting Items from CES

    , Ian2 wrote

    Looks like the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\usb \stick PC's are already on sale in the UK, then I saw this....

    A Full PC inside a mouse.  Sweet, if it has an i7 with 16GB ...


    What are you supposed to do for the keyboard, though? It's hard to go unnoticed when there are two cables protruding out of your mouse...

    Seriously, bonus points for thinking out of the box, but I cannot think of any reasonable situation where a smartphone wouldn't be more convenient.

  • Google Surface

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that's a whole lot of flattery.

  • Tom Warren (The Verge) and Ed Bott (zdnet) give up on WP. msft's karma??

    , fanbaby wrote

    Soon using patents will be all that's left

    Hmm... so, Microsoft wields its patents against Android OEMs. The laws of karma make two pundits ditch their WP and get themselves *drumroll* an iPhone 6.

  • Microsoft patent strategy backfires

    , fanbaby wrote

    MS threatened to sue B&N over patents. B&N says eff you and also paints in the media a picture of an ugly bully corporation. In the last minute a trial is averted and MS and B&N play buddies, Microsoft agree to invest a few hundred mills in some sort of a "joint venture". 

    Ah, yes, this has nothing at all to do with patents. Sure, Microsoft planed for years to get into a partnership with B&N, had nothing to do with the impending trial.

    Me and my conspiracy theories.

    Any developer who champions patents is a lower class developer.

    Almost correct. Except that, according to Ars, B&N just bought back its stocks from Microsoft, so that the money simply went back where it came from. Sorry for the bad news.

  • Censorship

    , TheJoe wrote

    @Blue Ink:I don't think hate speech is illegal. 

    I just meant "illegal" with respect to app store policies, but as a matter of fact yes, hate speech happens to be illegal in a lot of countries. Even in the US, hate speech is not always covered by the First Amendment; I'm not a lawyer, but I suspect that that game does not qualify for protection.

  • Censorship

    @TheJoe: That's not a matter of politically correctness, that's a prime example of hate speech.

    I don't know which set of rules you are proposing, but I do hope that this kind of stuff stays illegal.