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  • Problems with modal approaches to "fixing Windows 8"

    , contextfree` wrote


    2. Desktop apps inherently clash with the immersive app model and UX.

    While running immersive apps in desktop windows seems like it could probably work well, I'm really leery of the reverse. There are a few potential problems with running desktop apps in immersive windows that I see:

    * Desktop apps can open multiple windows and draw outside of their window. Some apps (ab)use this quite a bit for dialogs, palette windows, etc. This could get pretty awkward to map to immersive windowing - do we put each in its own "strip"? Do we make each "strip" a little virtual desktop where the app can put additional windows? Do we try some mix of the two approaches, and if so, how does the OS decide which is which?


    I don't see how that's a problem. Most desktop applications support being maximized and I guess some are specifically designed to be used that way (MDI applications, mostly). That's all a desktop application would have to do in Metroland: pretend it's maximized and show its dialogs and toolboxes as usual.

    As for the "desktop-as-an-app" vision, it would have been easier to sell if users could have more than one desktop. That alone would have made the start screen make more sense IMO.

  • Why is that c# can't figure out that int supports + operator?

    @BitFlipper: I suspect the problem is much harder to solve than it seems: even if MS finally solved the operator problem, you still couldn't use any transcendental function due to how the BCL is designed.

  • C#/XAML vs. WinJS/HTML

    , BitFlipper wrote


    But Microsoft doesn't want the code to run everywhere, they want it to run on Windows. That is why they killed Silverlight. Someone in Microsoft realized SL can become its own platform which can run rich business applications in any browser and doesn't require Windows underneath. Oops. Kill It!!

    If that were the case, shouldn't they have killed .NET?

  • Sherlock (No Spoilers). Whos' watching?

    Very minor detail: Mycroft now has a Windows Phone. It's obviously product placement, but it's still an interesting choice of character.

  • Broken Avatars

    Bummer, never thought of keeping a copy of that avatar; ten minutes of my finest photoshopping lost in time.

  • Caption Time?

    "You know, I could lend you my Shoe Circus Clown Club platinum card"

  • Photosynth V3

    @Vaccano: it's not the same thing. Whenever you stop moving in a Photosynth you end up seeing a high-definition still that you can zoom in all its glory, not a blurry 1080p freeze-frame.

    Then, there's fact that video has to be shot in real time. Consider the Florence Baptistery synth, for instance: you would have to walk at a constant pace around the monument keeping at the same distance and making sure the camera is always pointed in the right direction, making sure you don't bump into somebody or get your shot blocked by the crowd.

    I'm not saying it's always better than video, it's probably often the other way around, but there are a few applications for which it's infinitely better. Some examples I can think of include showcasing objects you want to sell, like a house or a car, documenting a museum, a monument, provide a streetview-like application (maybe just for your company campus), but I'm sure there are many more.

  • Mads Torgersen @ NDC London : The Future of C#

    , FuncOfT wrote


    Why not just "?" instead of "?."?

    That would conflict with the conditional operator.

    Also, while not a compelling reason, the "?." operator is already used by other languages (Kotlin, for instance).

  • Mads Torgersen @ NDC London : The Future of C#

    Structural typing could be huge, if they get it to work with native types. It would finally put the old "INumeric" issue at rest.

    Fingers crossed.

  • christmas geek gift?

    never mind