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  • Solar energy technology advancement

    , ScanIAm wrote

    @JohnAskew: I would think some kind of switch technology could be used to disrupt the flow of electrons to the grid...

    I am not sure I follow; how would your switch force people to buy energy from the grid?

    This kind of last-ditch-excuse bullsh*t is a sure sign that fossil fuel folks are scared.  No matter what your opinion is of fossil fuels usage might be, it is not an unlimited resource and we are squandering what we have simply because it's profitable for some.  Even if we weren't mucking with the climate, this stuff won't last forever.  I've heard predictions of 100 years of oil and 500 years of coal.  So what happens in 2515?

    Most humans are dum-dums.

    Maybe... but does it make sense for us to worry? At present speed, 100 years of technology is an abyss, 500 are just unthinkable. Try to imagine Cort├Ęs, Columbus, Da Vinci and Ivan the Terrible debating how to use their technology to save us people of the XXI century from some disaster they predicted. Aren't they cute?

    I'm not saying we shouldn't take good care of the environment; just that we should never forget that our children and grandchildren will know a lot more than we do.

  • Does this means Nokia won't be suing android makers?

    @fanbaby: I don't see why you are so optimistic.

    Android manufacturers are still Nokia's competitors and battling for the bigger slice of the pie. If anything, I would expect a more aggressive stance.

    The only possible good news on the silly patent litigation front is that Microsoft may not be able to assert its Android patents against Nokia, but that's not much. We'll see.

  • Archos Dual SIM Windows Phones

    @Ian2: if you are interested, there are even a few Lumia with a dual-SIM version (530, 630, 730 and 535), even though they don't seem to be available in every market.

    As for the pictures you posted, they also downplay the dual-SIM angle quite a bit, and that's a pity since WP implementation is one of the best I saw so far.

  • Microsoft Independence Day

    , CaRDiaK wrote


    Heard a talk about this on the radio during the commute this morning. Basically sensors around town to provide him with information as he is severely visually impaired. "Shops in 10 meters" ... "Doctors on your left" Also had an interface to his guide dog which allowed him to "hear" a sonar between him and the dog. He hadn't been to the area before and said he felt "very comfortable navigating the area". Gave him information on buses that were approaching and which number it was etc. 

    He was very excited about the technology and immediately noticed a difference when he didn't have it on again. The prototype considered a success is now being extended. 

    Great stuff Microsoft, truly awesome! 

    Awesome indeed, thanks for the link.

  • HP Sprout

    , kettch wrote


    No doubt using proprietary cartridges and materials. :P

    That's unfortunately the norm, and some players are such trolls that even HP looks good in comparison...

    I'm looking forward to seeing what a little competition can bring.

  • HP Sprout

    Makes sense, given that HP is planning a major comeback in 3D Printing. This is just the device that would enable non-technical people to start printing their own objects (and 3D selfies...)



  • Lumia Denim

    @elmer: implementing voice activation without draining batteries requires specialized hardware and/or low-level dark magic. In any case, it's probably phone-specific and OEMs will have to implement their own.

    That shouldn't be too hard, though, for those who already implemented Google Now on similar hardware.

  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    ...and today the 8018830f error is gone, at least on my phone.


  • WP8.1.1 update problem...

    Welcome to the "very small %" club. Regrettably, it's not as exclusive as its name might suggest... ;)

  • Sharks Cove now on preorder

    @Vaccano: the main point is you can connect your own hardware to it, via GPIO, I2C, SPI and the like. More or less an Arduino on steroids.

    Except that this one seems powerful enough to provide a decent UI and high-level services.