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  • Windows Networking - Why The Mystery?

    @Bass: Why the surprise? When XP was released (2001) nobody had it enabled by default. Since that's a heck of a breaking change, it's not something you can do safely in a service pack and it had to wait until Vista. Incidentally, Linux managed to do so only in 2004, so - again - I don't understand the surprise.

    What's sad is that there is still a cartload of networking gear that don't implement RFC 1323 or are not configured correctly. And since the standard response is "oh, that's a Vista bug, type this netsh command to disable the bugger", things are improving a lot slower than they should.

  • Visual Studio Updates

    @Sven Groot: I believe in the conservation of smileys. I'll be less parsimonious from now on. Tongue Out

  • Windows Networking - Why The Mystery?

    @N2Cheval: this reminds me of the odd issues caused by TCP window scaling. While Windows had it at least since WIn 2000, it was not enabled by default: they only flipped the switch with Vista.

    This is a nice improvement, but only if your networking hardware supports it: if it doesn't (or it's switched off, as in my old Cisco ACE) it will just kill your transfers with Vista+ clients.

  • Visual Studio Updates

    , Sven Groot wrote


    It was always funny that when you hit play without a disk in the drive it would yell at you "INSERT SONG DISK AND PRESS PLAY". Always felt like there was an implied "NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, YOU BLITHERING IDIOT!" after it.

    They probably observed that most people would be wearing headphones in that case; speaking up was the sensible thing to do.

  • Visual Studio Updates

    All-caps menus is probably the only solution once you decide to merge the titlebar thus removing all the separators and chrome that keeps the window title well distinct from the menu bar. All the other common solutions (adding white space, changing font size, style or color) are probably worse in this scenario.

    Personal tastes aside (for the record, I think it looks good), I believe it's a terrible idea: localization can expand text significantly and all this capitalization on a very busy menu bar can constitute a serious problem.

  • Skype Removes Screen Sharing

    @ManipUni: personally, I love TeamViewer. Performance is excellent, and the fact that it can be launched from their webpage without installation makes it pretty easy to use. Surprisingly, I found it's easier to get people to navigate to a site than getting them to find and use Remote Assistance, especially when multiple Windows versions and locales are involved.

  • What Windows 8's Metro screen will look like after a couple of week with the average user?

    @JoshRoss: According to the rumors, P&G is working on the awesome "Metro Live Tide" app. It uses the webcam to track what you are wearing, how long you've been wearing that, and how you should wash it.

  • The Death of Live

    , DeathByVisualStudio wrote

    @JeremyJ: So what you are saying is that they are killing the existing W7/Vista desktop clients and for those still using W7/Vista they'll have to use the web interfaces instead? Nor more Windows Live Mail? Messenger? Sky Drive desktop?

    From the original article on the Building Windows 8 blog:

    "For customers who use Windows 7, we have a set of Windows desktop apps, including Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Messenger, Family Safety, and our recently released SkyDrive for the Windows desktop."

    Doesn't sound like they plan to move everybody to a web interface.

  • Windows, Xbox, WMP, IE to be banned in Germany

    What I still find truly amazing is that there were at least 2350 items to patent in H.264 alone. The description of some algorithm doesn't even contain that many words.

  • Useful features you would show new Windows Phone users to help them be more productive?

    @Maddus Mattus: Faster way:

    • Visit website
    • If needed, make sure that the number you need to dial is shown in the lower part of the screen.
    • Press and hold the start button
    • Say "Dial" and then dictate the digits one at a time.

    Not recommended if you would rather keep the number private or you are in a noisy environment, of course