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Blue Ink Blue Ink
  • Did you watch the dotNetConf?

    @Duncanma: Wow, that was fast.


  • rename this place ....

    , MasterPi wrote


    I wasn't referring to thread count specifically - people could be around C9 and just never post anything for a long time. While your account age is definitely a good indicator of whether you could be trusted or not, I don't think it should be weighted so highly.

    I'd use account age as an indicator that allows mods to bulk delete the posts of a user. That alone would mean that our good mods don't have to spend the afternoon cleaning up.

  • is this just me Bing Map?

    You don't need a compass. The side of your phone with moss on it is facing north.

  • rename this place ....

    , Duncanma wrote

    @Bas: yeah, true enough. Just trying not to make something that will be easily circumvented. Continuing with *the plan*

    I don't know what your big plan is, but did you ever consider open sourcing this thing? Instead of pestering you with our "one line of code" change that would make us happy, we could provide actual pull requests.


  • Give me your best.

    @figuerres: you missed "Massage her feet". :)

  • @fanbaby, @bass and especially @beer28

    , Bass wrote


    Well one example: Amazon forked Android completely, they don't answer to Google at all. In theory any OEM can do this, but most don't think its worth the effort arguably because Android is royalty-free anyway. If Google started charging even $1 per device for Android I think a lot of the big OEMs would suddenly have a change of heart.

    Another example is the Nokia X for that matter, which is a pretty interesting situation.

    That, and other hints, indicate that Google doesn't have much control over the platform anymore and they may have to do something about it.

    Interesting times.

  • Cortana on other platforms

    , Ian2 wrote

    I guess a watch might be a step but I was thinking of some future as yet just abstract device.

    Lets see what a watch could bring beyond a phone?

    I guess touching our skin would allow it to gain some basic information from our bodies.- temperature, ongoing pulse, as well as changes in our body that somehow permeate through to the skin.

    A gyro could monitor our activity.

    We should also get all the benefits of a fitbit type device.

    I'm sure Cortana could do something interesting :

    Scenario 1: Pulse high but gyro indicates little movement:, or maybe just pulse erratic - I might want Cortana to text someone close to me?

    Scenario 2: (Assuming that the watch measures external air temperature as well as my own): I might want an alert if there was a significant change from my body temperature as compared and correlated to air temperature?

    Scenario 3: I didn't go for my daily run the previous day - I might want some encouragement from Cortana (don't forget I am a geek)

    I'm sure there are many more ...

    Would that be sufficient to make you wear a device that needs recharging at night? I may be not enough of a geek, but my patience with chargers is running real low these days.

  • Saying vs. Doing...

    , ScanIAm wrote


    is there profit in that?

    Apparently so.

  • ISIS, a new Mideast nation emerging?

    Public opinion was calling for sanctions and bombs against the Syrian bad guys. Still does, except that now they aren't the same bad guys.

    And it looks like we'll get to cheer for Iran doing the dirty work in Iraq while the west provides air support. Of course it's the same Iran that was allegedly helping insurgents against UN troops, and making nuclear bombs to pave Israel.

    In the meanwhile, the aftermath of that Arab Spring we were so happy to have fueled (bombs included), looks more and more like a serious sh*tstorm.

    I don't expect the west to learn wisdom, nor patience. But at least we should learn to wait slower.

  • Saying vs. Doing...

    , Proton2 wrote

    Don't be too quick to praise Tesla :


    They could be in the business of gutting unicorns with rusty knives, for all I care.

    They still gave away their chance to keep a stranglehold on their market for ages and that's something that deserves praising, regardless of who does that and why.