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  • Microsoft and Apple

    @christ_child: yep, good idea. I'm sure antitrust committees would be delighted too... think of the fun they could have arranging firing squads.

  • Is tax avoidance evil?

    , ScanIAm wrote


    Why should income be the only thing taxed?  If there were some way to tax the trillions of dollars sitting idle right now, I'd be all for it.  All wealth should be taxed back into circulation where it can contribute to the economy.  Libertarians were all about freedom as long as that freedom doesn't infringe upon someone else's freedoms.  If I can't improve my lot in life because you've shifted all the liquidity out of the economy, that seems pretty infringy.

    In my youth I tried a similar argument with girls. They didn't buy it, though, and kept infringing as they pleased.

  • RIP Dennis Ritchie

    @JoshRoss: we already know that, it's the premature demise of Crest toothpaste.

  • Music made with single lines of C code

    < insert random "the '80s called..." joke>

  • New Gadget

    @PerfectPhase: once you have played with that, would you mind sharing how it performs? I'm especially interested in graphics performance, but any info would be more than welcome.

  • New Gadget

    @Ian2: a word of warning...  I tried the FEZ Panda II with the FEZ Touch. All in all it's a decent playground, but there are a few issues you may want to consider.

    - Memory is scarce. As in really, really scarce. Tens of KB are enough to write a pretty complex program in C#, but if you plan on having an UI you won't be able to fit resources in there. Plan on having a micro SD on hand.

    - Transferring stuff to the screen is slow. If you try to use a font larger than just a few pixels, you will get flickering. It might be possible to write a better driver for the parallel interface, but that will require a professional ARM compiler as the free ones tend to bloat the firmware and further reduce the amount of memory you can play with.

    - The touch screen is nothing to write home about. Aside of the odd spike that it's relatively easy to filter, you also get quite some lag if you happen to be writing to the screen. Workable, but don't expect to emulate a modern touch UI, it doesn't even come close.

    - The GHI assemblies are less than great. Lots of underscores (it's silly, I know, but it really irks me), and poor integration with the .NET MF. Again, it's workable, just not very clean. And the documentation just sucks.

    On the plus side: the Arduino compatibility is good. Lots of hardware you can buy and use, with the only drawback that you may have to write a driver or, at least, a .NET layer to make the device usable.

    Bottom line: it's a decent deal to experiment with the technology. But if you plan to do anything more serious (and you need an UI), find a better device.

  • What's your thought about no more legal medicinal marijuana stores?

    @cbae: I see how local law enforcement could just turn the other way, but I cannot understand how you could keep a shop. How do you file your taxes? Pleading the Fifth?

  • Solving real world problems, a YAGNI warning

    @vesuvius: the Reuters version seems a lot less dramatic. There are several occasions where you may be at more than ten minutes from the nearest restroom, even when travelling on a bus.

  • Only in America

    @ComeOnBeer: "Only in America"... hmm, not really. It's the very fabric that fashion is made of, turning the concept of "you do X because you are Y" into "you are Y because you do X". It applies everywhere, including the programming community.


  • Is There an Afterlife?

    , cbae wrote

    I don't think that there's any evidence that consciousness is anything more than synapses in the brain firing.

    In order to prove anything like that, shouldn't we have a rigorous definition of consciousness first? Barring solipsism (which is just a convoluted way to beg the question) and Turing tests (I wouldn't pass one most Mondays), there isn't much left to work on, I'm afraid.