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  • Internation​al phone number formatting

    @W3bbo: you may want to try libphonenumber. The online JS demo handled perfectly all the numbers I threw at it, from several countries.

    As an added bonus, it distinguishes between mobile and landline where the numbering plan permits it.

  • Windows 8 Metro Look. Why? Why? Why?

    , cbae wrote


    I think the jury is still out on the tablet in its current form.


    If you are referring to Windows tablets, I concur. But from what I've seen, the iPad proved that users like the form factor, even when it implies using an OS and applications they are unfamiliar with. Might have been overhyped and all, but it's taken hold in places I would have never imagined it to, despite a relatively high price tag.

  • Windows 8 Metro Look. Why? Why? Why?

    @OmegaZeroKiller: I balked when you mentioned "real computers"... it reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from a book called "the zen of programming" (1988):

    A novice went into the master's cubicle and saw a new computer sitting upon the master's desk. "What is that computer?" asked the novice.
    The master placed his hand upon a small box that was connected to the computer by a wire.  "Behold," said the master, "This device controls what we see on the screen.  The screen simulates a desk.  For example, here is a filing cabinet and a trash depository.  Here also is a typewriter and a calculator."
    "This is a wonderful invention," whispered the novice in awe.
    "It is not as wonderful as it seems," said the master. "Can you see the two desks?"
    The novice nodded.  "One is on the floor, the other is on the screen," he remarked.
    "Just so.  Now, is there something missing on one of the two desks?"
    The novice pondered for a moment.  "One of the desks does not have a computer on it," he said.
    The master shook his head.  "Neither of the desks has a computer on it."

    And even back then, there were still people scoffing at the whole "personal computer" thing, maintaining that nothing short of a full-fledged mainframe could be called a "real computer".

    Things evolve, and sales figures tell us that tablets are here to stay. It is only natural that Windows and all the applications you love and use will eventually adapt to become touch-friendly, just as they became mouse friendly in the eighties.

  • Questions about the HTC Trophy

    @Doctor Who: as far as I understand, the Motion combined sensor works best when the phone has an accelerometer, compass and gyroscope available. It still works, although not with the same quality, when the gyroscope is absent.

  • Implementing 'Sheets' in Windows

    In WPF you could probably get something like that with a Popup. If I remember correctly that's how they implemented several flyouts in the WPF Ribbon. The bending part would still require the Pixel Shader _aL mentioned, but that's actually fun.

  • "None of us at Microsoft can say anything until //build/ in September."

    Considering the knee-jerk reaction they got with partial demos and statements, it doesn't surprise me much. They are seriously risking a marketing issue of Vista proportions here, so it makes sense to try and get the whole story out, all in one piece.

  • Denmark bans Marmite

    @Dr Herbie: btiyf (Bing Translator is your friend).

    If I read correctly, it says that they didn't ban Marmite: it's just that food enhanced with vitamines must be specifically approved before it can be sold and no submission for Marmite or Vegemite was received yet.

    Hmm.. in the translation the two products become "Marmite and Vegemite lubrication". I see how they might object if one tried to dress his salad with WD-40. Tongue Out

  • Skype Future Speculation

    @W3bbo: A Silverlight client would make a lot of sense, not just for the Linux implication, but because of WP7 and the upcoming ARM tablets (if and when).

    This might have a nice side effect: Microsoft will have either to provide its own SL implementation for Linux, or to help Miguel on Moonlight, to make sure it's on par with SL. Either way, that would be a good thing.

  • Denmark bans Marmite

    I happen to despise the stuff, but banning food on the grounds that it's not healthy (or not as healty as it claims to be) is beyond silly. If fixing the adverts and a warning label is enough for tobacco and alcohol, banning should be reserved for substances that have significantly worse effects than those two.

    If anything should be banned are laws intended to prevent you from doing something "for your own good".

  • .NET Micro Framework

    @BitFlipper: Yep, that's what I plan to use to drive the Peltier cells and the fans. Aside of the usual "heartbeat" (2Hz or so), the only use I have for a tight loop is to maintain a good running average and I hope that timers are stable enough for that. As far as I understand, interrupts are handled via delegates, which might create some overhead... we'll see.

    As for the Visual Micro add-in, if debugging is not supported all bets are off. Debugging firmware without a decent IDE is a painful journey in psychic debugging land and that's no place to send a postcard from. I'll try it out and see how it goes...