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  • UWP-058 - UWP Weather - Setup and Working with the Weather API

    @kiko: Hmm... thanks for pointing that out ... I'm not sure what happened there.

  • UWP-002 - Creating your First Universal Windows Platform App

    @jonny: So, I don't work for Microsoft.  I'm not sure what you're referring to regarding ASP.NET and WCF -- I never heard "it works across all Windows device families" as one of the selling points for those technologies.  Nonetheless, I would encourage you to be informed, take a close look at the approaches to building adaptive apps (whether in this series or otherwise) and then you can make a decision whether this is for you or not.  Universal apps is sufficiently different from ASP.NET and WCF that it would be hard to compare them.

  • UWP-001 - Series Introduction

    @SonPhan: I've got four phones and switch between them ... 2 Windows Phones, an iPhone and an Android.  It helps me see what's going on across all the platforms.

  • UWP-001 - Series Introduction

    @Niner386929: Build it, my friend!  The world will thank you!!!

  • UWP-001 - Series Introduction

    @philliphs: You'll have to ask the good folks at Microsoft about that.  Sorry.

  • UWP-001 - Series Introduction

    @Red: Working on it ... that's no small task!

  • UWP-001 - Series Introduction

    @Shashank: That's up to you ... almost completely different content, and yet almost ALL of the concepts / APIs in 8.1 work in 10.

  • UWP-001 - Series Introduction

    @Paul1967: This is for "absolute beginners".  I'm sure there's content on Channel9, Windows Dev Center or Microsoft Virtual Academy that discusses the content you're interested in.  Also, if you let me know specifically what type of content you're interested in, I might be able to find it for you -- it might be here, just later in the series when we build complete apps together.

  • UWP-020 - Common XAML Controls - Part 1

    @Jockey4her:  I kindly ask that we discuss your reservations about my work and my approach maturely like adults and professionals.  I promise to treat you with that same level of respect.  Thank you.

    At the outset of this series (video 1) I state as a pre-requisite that you should watch the C# for Absolute Beginners series before watching *this* series.  I *hope* I covered LINQ in enough depth to follow through in this lesson.  See:


    LINQ isn't that hard.  My 16 and 19 year old sons watched that video and understood it the first time they watched it.  In fact, my 19 year old son chains together LINQ extension methods like a man possessed.  Beyond this video (listed as a pre-requisite since it's part of the C# Course), Intellisense does all the hard work, and there are a ton of examples out there on the net, and you don't have to really understand lamdas and such to follow the basic pattern of what to put between the parenthesis.

    re: ms-appx:///  ... I cover that later when building real apps ... I'm pretty sure that's somewhere around #58 or #59.  Sorry, I can't cover everything all at the same time.  There's **too much stuff**.  We use the Image control *extensively* through this series and there's a bunch of different ways to set the image's source.

    But moreover, something tells me you're not an absolute beginner.  :)  I **highly** recommend you check out Andy Wigley's series,  "A Developer's Guide to Windows 10":


    But if you have any other questions, I'd love to help.  Good luck and best wishes to you.

  • Docker Overview for .NET Developers

    A Dan Fernandez sighting!  :)

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