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BobTabor BobTabor
  • Part 3: Writing your First Windows Phone 8 App

    @sregitz: Are you the same person as @Scott: ?

  • Part 3: Writing your First Windows Phone 8 App

    @Scott: Just to test, I re-watched this video and I'm about 3:30 into it ... seems fine on my end (I live in Dallas, TX).  Perhaps this is a regional CDN issue?  If that's the case, I'd be willing to bet it would resolve itself.  May I ask where in the world you are?

  • Part 24: Getting Started with the AroundMe Project

    @Moamen: I've never seen that happen.  You may want to post here:


  • Part 2: Installing Windows Phone SDK 8.0

    @Ranguro: @Clint: Yes, I was a knucklehead and got my terms confused (not a hardware guy, remember?)  Smiley  I updated the screenshot and the article (above).  Will re-do the video at some point.

  • Series Introduction - 01

    @Shankar: I don't think you can build Windows Phone 8 apps with HTML5.  You can build Windows 8 Store Apps (for your desktop) with HTML5 & JavaScript.

  • Visual Basic Fundamentals Important Update!

    @Kidali Kevin: 1) Bear in mind that this is a lifelong pursuit ... when you feel like you are "good" at something, it's probably because you're not pushing yourself hard enough, and 2) I don't know how long it will take to be excellent ... I've been working on this for 20 years and I'm still not "excellent".  HOWEVER, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try nor does it mean you should be discouraged.  It just means that there's always something new to learn and that makes it far from boring.  Smiley

  • Conditional Logic in JavaScript - 06

    @DavidDilley: Yeah, poor fashion choice on that video.  Solid colors only from now on.  Big Smile

  • Part 4: Introduction to XAML

    @Santosh: "The smaller the niche, the bigger the market."  A rich man (actually, the richest man I know) told me that and I've lived by it for the last dozen years.  I see great opportunity where there are millions of users but only thousands of developers.  Just try getting your app noticed in the sea of crap filling the other platform's app stores.  So as far as I'm concerned, yes.


    Can you point me to the exact step (above, in the text) where it is missing?  I can make a change.  Thanks!  But just FYI ... in the future, no matter where in .NET examples you see this ... you type in a class name you want to use but it acts like it doesn't recognize it ... this is what professionals do:  they use the shortcut the Ctrl + .   (period) to show the quick-tasks menu under the class name.  It will show the option to add the appropriate using statements.  I do this dozens of time each day and you should too.  Big Smile  Good luck!

  • Where to Go From Here - 21

    @DavidDilley: Thanks Dilley, glad you enjoyed the lessons and took a moment to tell me so.  Smiley

    Just want to make something clear ... I love Microsoft, and I love the folks at Microsoft -- specifically Dan, Clint and the rest of the folks at Channel9 who have been my biggest supporters, and they have treated me and my family really *really* well through the years.  They've gotten me in front of a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't know who I am and what I do and without them the past 11 years would have been a struggle for a shoe-string startup trying to finance the whole operation on a credit card.  So, whatever I may have insinuated I want to be clear that I'm happy with our arrangement.  Big Smile  The struggle part is inherent in just being small / one man operation with no angel investment.  Had I been a clever business person, I would have tried to blow out this whole idea on a large scale years ago before everyone else jumped in and gotten millions in capital to hire other authors for www.LearnVisualStudio.net.  But that's not who I am and what I love to do ... I want to teach and keep my hands in technology, not edit other people's videos.

    Finally, I don't have an Java tutorials ... only JavaScript ... as you'll see they are really different (back in 1995, some marketing genius changed the name from LiveScript to JavaScript to cement a relationship between Sun, Netscape and Silicon Graphics ... I happened to be at the unveiling event in San Fran when that happened.  In retrospect, it's caused a lot more confusion than necessary by picking an overloaded name.)

    Warm regards and best wishes!!!

  • Part 7: Localizing the App

    @isyedakhtar: In that case, assuming you want to support one and only one language you would merely hardcode all strings / etc. to that single language.

    Assuming you wanted to support MULTIPLE languages allowing the end user to select the region / language, you could offer some Settings screen, then programmatically set the culture for the current thread using a combination of the CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture method and the CultureInfo.DefaultThreadCurrentCulture Property ... for a quick example, see this page: