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  • Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf - Linux at Microsoft, Part I

    rjdohnert wrote:

    I have submitted 48 kernel patches to the team in my time, you know how many got worked into the main tree? NONE, 0 and do you want to know why? They have their own friends and colleagues that they use their stuff.

    Oh-my-god ...


    BTW. I just bought "Windows Internals" fourth edition. I'm really disapointed.
    Is there any Windows Kernel book which goes more "deeper" ... ?


    And downloading is very very slow .. only 8 KB/s Expressionless
  • Michael Tsang - The command line guy

    lars wrote:

    Dude, just wait for MONAD to hit your desktop. The new shell is going to be sweet.

    Yes, I have heard of it.
    It will not hit MY desktop because I don't use Windows, but MSH is very nice and expected addition to Windows I think.

    But guys who cries after DOS ... *uhh*
  • Michael Tsang - The command line guy

    The Channel 9 Team wrote:

     the DOS days, and thought it'd make an interesting thread here on Channel9.
    Who else here lives predominantly in a command-line interface?

    I think Windows' command-line interface is so _crap_ (if you have ever used UNIX systems) that it's much easier use GUI.
    DOS makes me cry Crying