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  • This Week on Channel 9: Feb 15 with Scott Hanselman!

    Dan and Brian, you guys rock.  Things have been going downhill since scoble, and I haven't come out much to the site, but you guys and Scott Guthrie have got me interested again.

    Keep it up.
  • Pat Brenner: New Updates to MFC in Visual Studio 2008

    The whole point of .NET is choosing the language of your choice.  I use C++ as little as possible, but I don't want them taking away C#, or VB.NET.  I'm sure the C++ guys feel the same.
  • Conversation with Soma: Orcas Beta 1 and Beyond

    I really enjoyed the Vid, but....

    I hope they don't spread themselves so thin on enhancing the big IT shop offerings that they forget the small shops.  As a contractor I have worked in both.  VS2005 just seemed like the IDE has more little quirky issues then VS2003.  Was that because they took dev's off to do team stuff?  Was it because it added to many other tasked that they could focus on all of them?  I hope the new testing and project integration stuff doesn't leave the core IDE to more quirkyness.  For example with SP1 for VS2005 did any one else have the icons in the tool tab freak.  It happened on both my home and work computers right after I installed SP1.  There are plenty more little things, I hope microsoft doesn't forget quality first before functionality.

  • Joe Stegman talks about the "​WPF/E" CTP

    Hard to call it everywhere when you don't support unix/linux flavors:O
  • Jim Allchin: It's time - Windows Vista RTM

    I'll be greatful for Vista later after I have kicked the tires and drove it around the block (I own 2 copys of ME:( ). 

    Thank You for channel 9!  Best thing Microsoft has done.
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    I thought Bill was great when I used his computers at a library in a town of 600 people to access the internet.  I found it hard to believe that someone would donate so much equipment and money then.  Since I have read about all the great things that him and his wife are doing in helping with medicines and such.  Then I think about how I haven't worked for years because they pay me to do what I love and its because of Bills software.  Thanks Bill for helping out me, so I get to come to work and play all day and for helping out so many of humanities family.  
  • Lee Bandy on IPv6

    scobleizer wrote:
    Nah, the interviewer wasn't me. I forget who did this one, though.

    It only took 30 seconds to tell that the description stating you were doing the interviewing was wrong.  Hey where are the loads of videos Charles mentions a while a go.  He said 1 a day or more.  It would be great to have 1 fresh 'english' video to look forward to everyday as well as other languages:)
  • Iain McDonald and Andrew Mason show off the new Windows Server OS

    A core server is a great idea, but without IIS, SQL and .net its only hits a little nitch of what it could hit.  Almost all of our 100's of servers could be run on core except that we run custom .net services to collect events, monitor and sync files.  And a few run and SQL server.  I think it should be a priority as an optional install in a service pack or the next release.  I think the earlier poster had it right - Just enough .net to do IO, Network, an the like.
  • Scott Nonnenberg - Visualizers in VS 2005

    ZEO, where are you man.  I have gotten used to your comments.  Don't let one whiner keep you from expressing it. 

    This is Cool functionality!  Great job Ken.  Its been a long time since we heard from you.

  • Microsoft Dynamics: A Business Solution Framework

    Oops, another vid at 29:24:P
  • The Return of Edit and Continue

    I have been using VS 2005 Beta 2 and the Edit and Continue is flaky.  I hope it works better in the final release.  Maybe I just don't have it setup right, but you can't edit and continue in a web project.  You also can't even set a break point without restarting!!!!!  I have it call a project using remoting and half the time I can edit in that project and the other times Its like the web project and I can't edit or even set a break point.  Another thing that stinks is that when you are in a catch statement and you edit your code that sent it there, then you can't go back to the code, you have to restart:(  The only way to do it is to move the cursor back out of the catch loop and then edit the code:|  If your cursor is in the finally statements don't even bother dragging it out!  Another thing that VS 2005 does that sucks is that if you hit the stop button in the IDE it contines your code.  So it will continue and update the DB or whatever the remain code is!

    The bottom line is that Edit and Continue has a long way to go to be half as friendly as VB6. 

    I really hope they get it all working for the final release!  Cause I can't go back to VB6.  I am hooked on the .NET[H]