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  • Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing TypeScript

    Best news for JavaScript developers in a long time. For example, TypeScript's jQuery code completion is so much better than what VS2012 offers.

    Looking forward to using it! Thanks team.

  • 8 traits of great Metro style apps

    Regarding notifications, I hope they reconsider them. Only having them in tiles would be a big problem for me - there needs to be a central location for them.

  • Introducing Click-to-Run in Office 2010

    Hm, I just wanted to try Office 2010, went to the official website and the only way I could get it was a 650MB download. In the video, they make it sound like Click to Run is the new way to distribute Office which doesn't seem to be the current experience.

  • Silverlight TV Episode 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight

    That blog post, if you find time to write it, would be a fanstastic read! Subscribing to your blog now Smiley

  • Silverlight TV Episode 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight

    I was very interested in this episode and listened carefully (twice, actually) but am I right that the only advantage of SL over Flash/Flex/AIR mentioned was the single runtime installation for the OOB apps? I am currently a Flex developer and there are several things that make me want to switch to SL (C#, Visual Studio's productivity, better video etc.) but smaller desktop runtime as the only thing mentioned? That was a little disappointing as I didn't learn about the other reasons and why Microsoft evangelists think they are important (if they do).

    I'd also like to comment on other things I've heard in the show:

    • At about 6th minute Flex was compared to the full .NET framework. Mike talks about how .NET targets many more scenarios than Flex which is obviously true but I'm still wondering how that helps me understand the differences / similarities between Flex and the Silverlight SDK (obviously you don't develop in the full .NET framework when you target the SL runtime; SL is also a small, focused runtime and framework).
    • Mike said that "Flex is built on top of Java" which I'm sure he knows isn't true (he probably meant that Adobe ships a separate server product built in Java that Flex apps can communicate with, amongst many other supported server technologies).
    • Also, while I agree that SL4 will be much closer to what Adobe AIR can do, SL3 was also mentioned in the video and in Silverlight 3, OOB is not similar to AIR in any way (SL3 OOB is a sandboxed technology; that changes in SL4 to some extent although AIR is still much more "native" and feature-rich).

    It's a shame that we didn't hear more about WHY Mike believes in Silverlight. Even more entertaining would be to hear about Flex deficiencies but I understand that that must be difficult for Mike to do publicly Smiley

    And John, thanks for asking interesting questions as someone who doesn't have much experience with the Flex/Flash ecosystem.

  • Windows PowerShell : Variables, Types, and Operators

    I would also be interested in knowing why they chose -eq etc. instead of the standard operator set.

  • Rico Mariani: Visual Studio Today, Tomorrow and Beyond - Your Questions Answered

    Nice interview, thanks.

    I regret not asking this question though: since MEF is so young, how did the VS team deal with that? I guess the development of VS2010 started a while before the first alfa version of MEF was even available. Do they have a different extensibility model that they are slowly replacing? Will there be more extensibility models for VS2010 or will MEF be the only one?

    Rico also mentioned the "UX team" - did he refer to the MS-wide UX team that does work on Office, Windows and supposadly many other products or does Visual Studio have its own dedicated UX team? I would be very excited to hear that. BTW, I consider VS very visually pleasing - for instance, the Class Designer is so much nicer than any other UML I've worked with that I always thought there must be some talented designers working on VS.

    Thanks again for the interview, Charles and Rico.
  • Niner Interview Questions: Rico Mariani - Visual Studio Futures (Interview is Complete)

    1. Out of curiosity, approximately what will be the proportion of managed (WPF) to unmanaged code that VS2010 we be built upon?

    2. What are your thoughts on ribbon for VS?

    3. Code editor and refactoring capabilities are getting better with every release but third party tools like Resharper are still kind of necessary for any serious development. Are you deliberately leaving room for these tools on the market or is it just a matter of time when you will catch up and provide the coding comfort that for instance Java IDEs have out of the box?

    Looking forward to that interview!
  • Test-Driven Development with Visual Studio 2010

    You can type something like Controllers.LoginController and it will put the class into the right folder/namespace.
  • Test-Driven Development with Visual Studio 2010

    You can type something like Controllers.LoginController and it will put the class into the right folder/namespace.