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  • Robert Green - Demo of Visual ​Basic/​Whidbey's data features

    Oh, I see. But I do NOT want them to appear in a dialog. I want them to be selected automatically, or is that too much a wish here.
    Well, here's another one then. I want every control to be self-contained.
    When I edit the click event of a button I want that code to be in the button itself, not in the form (where it never should be in the first place. one basic OOP rule.)
    I guess VFP developers are a spoiled bunch hey. They already have for years what the VB community is now cheering about.
  • Robert Green - Demo of Visual ​Basic/​Whidbey's data features

    Tsk tsk tsk, history is repeating itself again. What seems cool to a lot of developers is common use in Visual FoxPro for years already. So what's really new? However, I might consider starting to use .NET now. We will see how it works.

    One more thing I would like to see automated.
    The very first thing I learned to love in OOP developing was the rule NEVER to use the base controls as made available in the tool. Always use the subclassed versions for bigger control and programming flexibility.
    For this we have the fieldmapping in VFP where we can map one fieldtype to a certain control. After dragging a field from a table on a form the control is automagically adjusted to use the right class. Is something similar also possible in VB.Net?

  • Levy and Griver - Why not complete ​transparenc​y?

    Well, I don't care about having those sources. In my daily work it is not that important. What would be nice though is complete transparancy in how they will market their secret weapon (VFP) in the foreseeable future. OK, OK, I know, doing absolutely nothing is quite clear as well but that is not what I talk about.
    Something like "such and so is our plan , we will have management magazines writing about VFP in this and that manner ..." You will find more and intenser campaigns in country ABC etc etc...