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  • C9 Lectures: Dr. Erik Meijer - Functional Programming Fundamentals Chapter 4 of 13

    Did Erik misspeak or did I misunderstand the point during the discussion about lazy evaluation compared to short-circuit evaluation behavior in C#, etc?  Compiler optimizations aside, the second parameter would not be evaluated if the first were false.  NB: because I don't trust myself I even wrote a small C# test harness with an if statement whose first argument always evaluates to false and whose second argument is a call to a function that would loop forever (and verified using Reflector that it wasn't inlined or otherwise optimized away) and it returned as expected without looping.  Again, maybe the point of the discussion was some more subtle meaning of "evaluated" than my coarse brain grokked...


    *Excellent* series, btw.  Can't thank you all enough for doing this (and I must say I'm enjoying the commentary from the clearly knowledgable community members such as exoteric and ShinNoNoir nearly as much...).  Cheers!

  • Arun Kishan: Inside Windows 7 - Farewell to the Windows Kernel Dispatcher Lock

    Fascinating.  I would be interested to know what Dave Cutler's take on all this was.  Was he involved in any of the early discussions?  Did Arun formulate the solution first and take it to him (formally or informally)?  Did he say "wow, great idea!" or perhaps "nice try Rookie, but you forgot to assert the make-it-work bit on line 24"...or (perish the thought) did he get all defensive about his baby and start mumbling about Reagan-era priorities... Smiley  This interview is the very essence of why Channel 9 rocks...

  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7 Redux

    Well thank you for taking the feedback in the spirit in which it was intended and not reading too much into it.  Don't want to sound like I'm looking a gift horse in the's a fine gift horse after all Smiley

  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7 Redux

    Charles, thanks for all you do but for the love of all things holy in the world, the next time you interview Mark, please use the following script "Mark, great to see you again.  Please use the remainder of the hour to tell us what you want to."  I love you man, but you had him re-hash the kernel refactoring speech of last time for something like the first fifth of this interview.  When you have a Ferrari out for a test drive, you need to leave the parking lot and get out on the Autobahn asap...  Just some constructive feedback.  Again, thanks for all you're the only one who does this for us and we sincerely can't thank you enough for it.  Cheers.