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Brian Harry is a Microsoft Technical Fellow working as the Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server, a server-based product designed to dramatically improve the productivity, predictability, and agility of software development teams by ensuring that all team members have easy access to the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time. Previously, Brian worked at start up DaVinci Systems doing electronic mail software. In 1992, Brian left DaVinci Systems with two others to create One Tree Software. One Tree was a classic garage-type startup company that developed and sold SourceSafe, the product that is now Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. One Tree Software was acquired by Microsoft in 1994.

Harry has had a passion for software development tools that dates to his college years in the mid 1980s at North Carolina State University where he did research on compilers, linkers, assemblers, and processor simulation systems. Harry's other primary passions are family and wood working.