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  • Looking at XNA - Part Two

    Tongue Out looks like it was just me.
    Thanks for the clarification guys.
    I'm still excited about XNA though. Like you Rory, I might not be a game dev, but I'll definitley get my hands dirty when it's released
    *runs off to play with .net 3.0*
  • Looking at XNA - Part Two

    Great video. Definitely exciting times ahead for game development.

    I just have a few lingering questions regarding XNA.

    Is it going to (eventually) replace for MDX2.0 ? (which apparently was discontinued in October).

    It seems XNA is strongly gaming oriented, is it pointless to try and create a regular Desktop app that incorporates 3D elements, or do we really have to stick to MDX1.1 as mentioned in this FAQ ?
    The XNA Framework looks much more refined compared to MDX1.1, I'd rather not wade through that again unless I have to.

    Should I even bother with MDX and XNA when it comes to 3D desktop apps, or should I be looking at .NET 3.0 and WPF??

    Maybe it's just me, but when Microsoft throws 3 different frameworks (MDX, WPF, XNA) at you that seem to serve the same purpose, things can get very confusing Perplexed