Hello Anil,

I am tech lead on an unmanaged C++ project.  I hope you might be able to answer these questions on SSEv:

1.) Can I use unmanaged C++ to work with SSEv; must I use Visual C++ for Devices?

2.) Can I use an ISAM interface? 
2.a.) If so, can you comment on the ISAM performance relative to going through the query engine?
2.b.) Where can I find good detailed information on using the ISAM interface?

3.) Is it possible to use OLEDB from unmanaged C++ in order to create my own schema?
3.a.) Can I do this with ISAM?

4.) I have heard that there is a 128 MB limit on the DB file size by default.  Also, I have heard that setting the connection string to the 4 GB limit does not work from unmanaged code.  Please comment.