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  • Inside the Mango Developer Tools: Search

    Soon we'll be using morse-code on the button Tongue Out

    Yeah, I always feel that double clicking things on my computer with my mouse is a difficult task too. And don't get me started on right and left buttons. Obviously Apple had it right with one button..... yep.

  • Inside the Mango Developer Tools: Search

    Another request: If Zune video streaming is being added with Mango, please use this poster/dvd/movie bing visual search able to pivot over to a link straight into Zune, so I can watch it right away. 

    Hopefully you will also include this for trailers, etc and conceivably this would even work for netflix as a 3rd party app, like the app connect was show with IMDB. Imagine pointing bing vision at something then watching it seconds later in Zune video or Netflix, sounds great eh?

  • Inside the Mango Developer Tools: Search

    , wixostrix wrote

    I also don't understand why third-parties don't get access to the search button.  It's totally going against their idealology of contexual search.  If an app is submitted and has a search option, it should be as easy as hitting the hardware key and there should never be any software buttons.  Double clicking the search button should go to Bing as it currently does in native apps when the app searches (People Hub, Email, etc.)

    I assume it was because you weren't sure what would happen when you hit the search button. It's better to have it be consistent, then to have you pulled out of the app because search wasn't implemented.

    That being said, using the two tap method as the native apps do makes perfect sense, and I agree that I don't understand why they wouldn't go with this method rather making a separate search icon. A software search icon seems to go against the nature of Metro, specifically "the fierce reduction of unnecessary elements", and frankly I think is a bit tacky.

    I find it frustrating when I have to pivot over in the netflix app just to do a search, when I should be able to just hit the hardware search button. Instead of making me swipe and find the search pivot (which could be hidden requiring multiple swipes) it should move me over to that pivot point by pressing the search button once. If I want to get to bing it's as easy as pressing the hardware button again, which works wonderfully in native apps like the Mail hub. (Which reminds me, why do I have to tap the search box once the bing page is loaded in order to type? please just make another search button hit bring up the keyboard, that way even when the new features of bing are added, I can quickly get to the keyboard without moving a finger.)

    For apps that don't have search make the search button do nothing on the first press, and on the second press go to bing. Also, you could use a long press to always go to bing no matter where you are (I understand that a long press now cancels the request to go to search, but I think that's a fair trade off)

    So one press is current app/page search, two presses is always bing, and three presses is straight to bing with the keyboard open. Consistent, simple, logical.

  • Inside the Mango Developer Tools: ​Communicati​ons

    Thank you for the post, I love hearing everything I can about Windows Phone and the behind the scenes of its development.

    A small suggestion/request: I saw a video of a Microsoft employee showing off the "groups" function; specifically adding people to a group. For each person, he selected the name and had to continually hit the add person button and then go back to the list view of his contacts. If it doesn't exist yet, can you use the check box selection method from the mail hub for this type of adding multiple people? I think adding multiple people simultaneously would be far better then going back and forth between two screens.

  • Ping 71: Windows Phone 7 & Xbox LIVE, Flight Sim, Facebook, Messenger, MENLO

    Haha... oh, how I love the quick lines through out this video... "petting your animals" ... "thousands of pokes" ... "We'll do it live!" <3 angry O'Reilly ... and all the straight faced humor.... good stuff.