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BuckyBit BuckyBit
  • What does XNA stand for?

    hearing voices: 

    "...we need to create a name-development team"

  • Chrysanthak​opoulos is a Rockstar to me

    George Chrysanthakopoulos (http://channel9.msdn.com/tags/CCR) has become my personal hero. When he talks, I feel like lifted to a more clear and beautiful universe. He captures my imagination and lets me dream of future apps and speed-improvements, more robust code, writing games-engines in managed C#2.0-Code...uhm, ok, maybe not. But he has a gift to explain things in such a clarity and with passion that makes him very special. The world needs more people like him.

    If he got a rise in salary since the last demo, DOUBLE IT again, please.

    (please excuse me, it sounds infantile, but I had to say this. I had wasted too many years with bad teachers in my adolescence)

  • PS3 to come with full Linux

    the only reason to buy ps3's is to build reasonably cheap gigaflop-clusters.

    universities did it with ps2-s.

    I am not really convinced that - yet again - another "Linux"- thread-trolling on these boards is really needed.

  • They laughed at Bill Gates

    I accept that people are threatened when someone questions the very essence of this society: greed. property. power.

    I never intended to discuss social, economic and political theory in this forum. But I dared to question our "oh so noble" ethics - blame on me.

    How many billion people have no access to clean water? how many billions of people suffer from illnessess because of poverty and hunger? How high is the death rate among young women and children in 3rd world countries?Why just go after Mycobacterium_tuberculosis? why not Caries dentium, too?

    "Oh see those poor loosers, their bleeding! Give 'em a bandage and let them still starve to death."

    Lets go on ruining their livelihood, by excluding them from world economy, surpressing their economy by import-taxes and dictating the world prices of goods, subsidizing our economy, giving credits to the developing countries and deciding for them where to spend it. Giving money to dictators and wondering why the poor are still poor. Killing farmers and their families while the big farm owners protect their precious land. Exploiting the natural resources by the Fortune500-Companies, but closing the eyes when people suffer around the mines and oil-pipelines.

    This is all still reality in the 21.Century. What is so wrong about asking these questions? How could I be so rude to spit in your Coffees? I apologize and stop right here.

    BTW: I love a good discussion. I like exchanging arguments and I have no problem if I am proven wrong. I care about issues, not Ego. [A]

  • They laughed at Bill Gates

    Karim, I knew exactly that you would respond this way. Thx.

  • They laughed at Bill Gates

    JohnAskew wrote:
    Nine Hundred Million Dollars   Nine Hundred Million Dollars

    Big Smile:D:D

    since I've been asked, here's my nugget:

    Donating 900$ or even 1Bill for a TBC-fund is creating an object (welcome progs) that won't change the environment the poor live in, the struggle they have to fight to survive, the education they need to empower themselves etc... - so tbc would not be an issue, the way, it is no issue in the rich countries.

    Building a company that fuels the kind of economy that actually creates poverty and then donating the money that comes out of (metaphorically) stealing it from the poor countries (by not allowing them to play with 'big business') makes no real-life attempt to change the system. Sure, a billionaire can move more things and people than, let's say, Albert Schweizer, Mother Teresa or a medic who spents his vacation working 60 hours in a refugee camp. They also don't change the system per se, but they show other ordinary people what every ordinary man can do, if only they would like to. So, yes, it is the rather obscure, metaphysical way of "sharing the disease" rather than being the illness.

    How many billions have been spent for the 3rd world countries? What has happend in the last 50 years? Why is there no real progress? True, there is corruption, dictatorship, etc... but the economic troubles have their roots in the policies of powerful and rich countries and corporations as much as in local failures.

    Now, you can beat me because I stay vague and don't attempt to add a list of links about business and economic theory. But let's say, I was trying to suggest, that throwing money around is not a real ethical value, while doing something - as I said - with your own hands is. I am no christian, but I like this very deeply old-fashion christian thinking. [A]

  • They laughed at Bill Gates

    After seeing The Constant Gardener (too) I say, if you really want to do something, don't throw money around, but actually do something with your own hands. This would mean: quit your job. Live in Africa. Share the poverty instead of filling pockets of others with the kind of money that generated the poverty in the first place.

    You won't beat poverty with money but with living an example...
    ... If you really care about it.

  • Lightspeed Systems

    Chap, this is so spammy - what dya need? Someone to punch you in the face? "Hello? I am SpamSpamSpam!" 

    I would never had opened that "nospam@blahblah"-email, never ever.

    Try this:

    Accept only emails from people you know/ emails you personally requested. Everything else is junk. (depends on your workplace[H]).

    Also, emails without Verification/Authentification (PublicKey) is not trustworthy.

  • Podcasts - any ​recommendat​ions?

    BenZilla wrote:
    I'm still trying to find a good game developers podcast.

    that won't happen. If a game-dev is really good, he/she has no time for such things...

    I listen/watch to twit, diggnation, hak5, dl.tv, itconv, nerdtv, packetsniffers, c-span, booktv, q&a, 1up, Hotspot, techphile, + some uni/science/politics/sports-stuff.

    Most of it is worthless, time-consuming, but now and then there's something educating or funny. I don't have a TV, so some advantage there...

  • Windows Vienna?

    jamie wrote:

    ROFL - This one knocked me from my seat...not seen it for quite some time... Tongue Out