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  • Bytes by MSDN: Windows Store

    I have the following problem with the Windows 8 Store:
    I've been going back to the Win8 Store daily and it has said there are 88 new applications now for a long time.  I have to scroll through the list and try and figure out what is REALLY new and what is that which I have already seen.  I have no idea where the new apps will appear at the beginning, end or scattered in the list.  When I go to the list I only want to see what is new since the last time I looked.
    ...and if I go on holidays and come back and there have been 200 hundred new apps added... I don't want to see just the last 100 I want to page through all since the last time I looked... I do not want to miss any.

  • Ping 110: ScriptTD, Photosynth for dollars, Microsoft Garage, Kinect Light Saber

    I've tried a MSN Messenger plugin that transates to another language years ago... still waiting for it to be baked in.

  • Montage by FUSE Labs

    Very nice.  I tested on iPad 2, Android 3.0, and Win7 Tablets and Phone 7 Mango emulator.  The create/modify functions did not work on any of them.  Would like to know if Microsoft will allow touch experience in Windows 8 to work right down to the page.... or be like the above in which the touch is intercepted?

  • Defrag 002: Gov's Probs, Media Center, Dropped WiFi

    My question did not get answered.  So I will repeat and clarify.
    I did a Disk2VHD v1.62 backup of my notebook with Fix HAL option checked.  The OS(WinXP) is on D:\. After bios boots, I just see a black screen.. Even in safe mode after it flashes some drivers loading.  I tried to log the boot sequence but didn't see any files save to the file system.  I gave up trying, but now my notebook stopped working and would like to be able to boot into the backup that I created.  I suspect that some Acer specific drivers may be stopping it from continuing the boot.   The above problems are within the Virtual PC environment... What can I do to get it to work in the Virtual PC environment?  I do not care about restoring the old notebook it is not worth it.

    Donald Adams (not sure why my avatar name changed.. can't change it to my name)

  • Microsoft Help Viewer - New Help System in Visual Studio 2010

    Download the Help Viewer SDK.  Tried to import the sample help on Win7... it said I needed Administrator rights... so I launched CSharp Express using Admin right... cause that's only user friendly way to access the Help Manager.  Tried again this time it errored.. not sure why but I had to go look in the Windows Log.  There it said it couldn't find the .mshc file which is in the same folder.

    The message starts with:
    An error occurred while fetching a list of available content from disk Microsoft.Help.CacheLib.CacheLibBadLinkException: The item at 'file:///C:/Acct/HelpContentSetup.msha' refers to an item at 'file:///C:/Acct/ContosoWidgets.mshc' which cannot be found.


    I checked, the paths and file locations are correct... so it must be a problem with the load from disk method in the Help Manager.




  • Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta - Available Now

    Where can we add our requests? 
    I request that a "Remove The Noise" option be added to the Messenger Social viewer. When this option is enabled... ONLY new items are displayed since last connection (or clearing) and old items are only view if requested.  We should be given the option to not have to think, "ok, did I see this before or is it new."  I view hundreds of items of different types a day.. most of it is "noise" stuff I have already seen. 

    Only a few programs now how to properly remove the noise.  RSSBandit shows new items as bold in the list, but only unread items in it's reading pane. 

  • TWC9: Best of April Fools Day with Clint Rutkas and Christian Liensberger

    So how is the Content Aware fill different than what I had in MS Digital Image Suite Editor 2006?  ... which doesn't work anymore because of MS updates.... and which I wish they'd just put in Live Photo gallery photo editing part.

  • TWC9: 100th Episode! WPF, VS2010 RC tips, Bonus Footage



    You're right about not being able to add video... however, it is possible to use the advanced template and use your own background... so it's basically a custom template.

  • TWC9: 100th Episode! WPF, VS2010 RC tips, Bonus Footage

    Thanks for the pick: SpeakFlow.  What you work at Microsoft and you don't know about Powerpoint's pptPlex?  Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it's not the first time I told a Microsoft employee about a cool utility that they had. Smiley

  • Silverlight TV 7: When and Where to use MEF

    I feel the answer to switching to large Silverlight applications is to use a .aspx(Ajax)/Silverlight hybrid.  Change a aspx form to Silverlight one at a time. The problem I have is with sharing the authentication system. I'd like to login with the built-in .aspx membership system and have Silverlight 'know' that I'm logged-in and use that information when I call the web services.


  • Writing your first Rx Application

    How can the same sample be done in Silverlight?
    1. I discovered I do not need the Observable.Context.
    2. the MouseEventArgs do not contain a definition of StartWith.


    Is there any site that has samples like:
    The WPF way:
    The Silverlight way:
    The Winform way:

  • Windows 7 Secret Send To Menu

    It's nice that it has more options in Win7... but XP the Shift click extra menu is not new, XP has it.

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