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  • Introducing the all new SharePoint Sideshow

    I noticed that Office and SharePoint 2010 was highly promoted in this video, but will there be any talk about the previous version of SharePoint? (MOSS)  Just thinking...  there are still alot of companies still using MOSS today and have not made the switch just yet.

    The first show was a great start and I can't wait to see more.

  • Sharepoint Development with Visual Studio 2010

    I noticed in the screen cast that there was an Import WSP project template.  Does this mean that I can import my WSP's and VS 2010 will convert them to a VS solution using the new VS tools for WSS?  Today we are using WSPBuilder from the CodePlex site and I am wondering how well these will migrate to this new setup in VS 2010.

    It almost looks as if we stay compliant with the rules of a WSP package that we can migrate our solution packages with out alot of rework.