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  • Ping 122: Omnitouch, PocketTouch, Cutting Phone Costs, Ballmer's Feeling Lucky

    So, since you clearly both lost....

    You should both pick eachothers halloween costumes and walk arround campus in it for the whole day! We want pictures in your office, in meetings, trick or threating coworkers (not just your building!)

    Also, use Bing Haloween Big Smile And the rules don't say anything about the costumes having to match gender Big Smile But they must be the right size though.

  • Ping 122: Omnitouch, PocketTouch, Cutting Phone Costs, Ballmer's Feeling Lucky

    Uhm, it is now 1:18PM on Tuesday in PT and it says posted 17 hours ago, so I guess Laura failed this one already right? It should have said 24 hours ago Big Smile

  • TWC9: October 14: NuGet, Visual Studio 11, Windows Phone and Big Data

    Great to see you commit to TWC9 even on location! The locations kind of makes it special so I can live with the worse audio quality.

    Great content guys!

  • Fundamentals of Metro style apps: how and when your app will run

    Thx for the reply!

    Regarding to the music still playing I was talking about something I experienced on the dev preview build of Windows 8 running in a VM. I started the Piano app and loaded a song into it, navigating to the start menu did not immediately stop the music but it kept running for 5 or even more seconds.

    However, knowing the suspended call happens immediately it caused me to think this might have been a bug or slow reaction because of the visualization.

  • TWC9 September 30th 2011

    The show was a bit rough on the edges but it makes it more real. You guys did a great job delivering the content and the picture in picture was pretty good to, because sometimes you want to look at the slide a little longer and other times you wish the slide would be gone already.

    Great to have a show even if the regular hosts are unavailable! And that a day early! I have so say the C9 teams seems to be on a roll lately, adding feature requests (thx again) stepping up in videos if required and the C9 website and forums have been very vibrant in the last few days. C9 has clearly drunk an energy drink or two.


  • Goodbye 9: Nic Fillingham Exit Interview

    Good luck Nic at Hotmail! Thank you for everything including channel 9 live, HD content, the campus tours and the fresh spirit on TWOC9 show!

  • The complete developer's guide to the SkyDrive API

    Great talk!

    I'm wondering why you are using your own way te represent data. I heared somewhere you would be using OData to represent user content (Contact, Calender and Skydrive) is that correct?

    @alirezanoori: of you change the format (lower right corner) to progressive you will get the silverlight streaming experience and the quality will be higher (code is readable)

  • John Sheehan: Create experiences that span devices

    Great talk! I love the continuous client vision and I'm sure a lot of Windows 8 users will love it too!

    A few remarks though:

    # First, these API's are WinRT based right? Since they live in the Windows Namespace. Will I be able to use them from regular desktop application? I might want to add roaming settings to my old WinForms or WPF application!

    # Second, please stress to dev that they need to provide a way to pick the settings users want to see roamed within a single app. I might like my reading pane on the right on my desktop and on the bottom on my tablet!

    # Lastly, why not rome the sessionState? The place I'm in for the video seems like a session state to me, so that needs to be roamed for you demo right?

  • Fundamentals of Metro style apps: how and when your app will run

    Great session!

    I have noticed a problem with getting Suspended. If an application is playing music and it takes about 5 seconds to get suspended you get 5 more seconds of the music playing in the background (or longer if it takes longer for the app to get suspended). This is really strange. Same for playing a movie and switching await. The movie keeps playing for a bit before it knows it is getting suspended.

    Also, what if a user really want to terminate/close an application and loose its state? Sometimes you just write something or start something know you are doing it wrong and close it (at least for desktop apps). Does a developper now have to create a 'reset' button on the app? Or does the user need to be fast and end the app in task manager before it get suspended indicating a crash?

  • .NET 4.5: David Kean and Mircea Trofin - Portable Libraries

    Great project! I'm hoping one can just switch a DLL he created to be a Portable one (somewhere in project settings) and try to recompile it, and have good compiler warnings why it does not work and what you can do to change it.

    The introduction says "multiple . NET platforms" and here I tought .NET was a single platform. It's a shame you had to do this as an aftertought (instead of starting from that) and i think the question "Why did SilverLight go the other way?" like Charles asked is still a great one. It's a shame mscorlib is not the same everywhere and there is more then one network stack in the .NET Framework!

    I would love to see the .NET 4.5 poster with the collections of profiles on them (SL , Phone, Metro) and see the overlap/intersections. Also see how the Client Profile and the Portable 'Profile' overlap.

  • Welcome Golnaz to Channel 9

    Welcome to the C9 team! Hope you find yourself right at home between al these computer science people!

    About feedback I would say: It's getting harder and harder to find/explore content on C9. A very nice way to do this would be if Channel 9 had an OData feed anyone could consume. If you ask Ducan I'm sure he knows about it, would love to know what he thinks.

    Again, welcome and rock on!

  • CLR 4.5: David Broman - Inside Re-JIT

    Aha! That is great to hear Charles! Looking forward to the Portable Libraries one! This to me seems the next big thing to make "three screens and a cloud" a more easy dev reality!

    If you could get some insights in the more closed WinRT team it would be great too. Altough it might be a bit early to answer the question "Will desktop apps be able to use WinRT or do they still need to use PInvoke?" and other compat questions surrounding ARM.

    Again thx! I'll say hi if I run into you on campus Wink


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