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CPrest CPrest

Niner since 2005

Developing enterprise applications in an SOA setting.
  • Dan Reed: On the ManyCore Future and Parallelism in the Sky

    Great Video !

    not just welcome to microsoft (for us non MS employees).

    Welcome to channel 9 !

  • Kate Gregory, Ale Contenti and Steve Teixeira: VC++ 2008 and Beyond

    alecont wrote:
    Hi CPrest,

    You don't always need a garbage collector to get a simple memory resource management Tongue Out

    For example, if you extensively use smart pointers like tr1::shared_ptr, you can safely manage memory with familiar C++ concepts (like for example determistic destruction).

    With tr1::shared_ptr, you call new() once and you don't need to worry about calling delete to release the memory. The smart pointer will take care of releasing the memory when the reference count goes to 0.

    tr1::shared_ptr is part of the TR1 addition to the Standard C++ Libraries. TR1 will be released on top of VC++ 2008 very soon. Check out vcblog for more info on this!

    HTH, ale.

    Thanks Ale (sorry for mis spelling your name in the previous post).   True I forgot about the upcoming shared_ptr class (which my boost developer friends are going to kill me).  I stayed away from the auto_ptr for various reasons in the past, but this looks promising.

    A question that may spark more (or be completely off base):  In multi core/multiprocessor environments, what happens to the shared_ptr if you pass a reference to thread-B from Thread-C (which gained the shared_ptr's memory via new) then thread-C dies.  would thread-B still have access to the shared memory thus keeping the content in tact?  or will it be destructed because thread-C is gone.  Now im not 100% sure on windows, but the memory location in some of those implementations (i.e. NUMA ) can be local to the processor and not in shared memory.

  • Kate Gregory, Ale Contenti and Steve Teixeira: VC++ 2008 and Beyond

    Damien Watkins wrote:

    Hello  CPrest

    Please look at Herb's more recent blog on GC and C++0x: http://herbsutter.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!2D4327CC297151BB!330.entry" href="http://herbsutter.spaces.live.com/blog/cns%212D4327CC297151BB%21330.entry"> http://herbsutter.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!2D4327CC297151BB!330.entry


    NOOO !!! I'm melting.... MELTING... What a world...

    which brings me too..... F#, a very neat language which includes the best of all worlds !  Tongue Out

    well for the time being, I see myself still promoting C++ as my main code base for upcoming projects.  I especially like the new MFC updates and the TR1 addins.  I still cant find a replacement (framework) for application daemons that have to run 365 days.... in a small footprint (which is a reality for some developers).

    Kate mentioned about services. In todays business world, SOA is used to describe everything and anything to do with business integration systems.

    However we have many C++ webservice stub generators, which make it literally 5 minutes to develop a C++ webservice or webservice client.  You dont need to write up your own crazy fast XML parser !  Cool

    In short, use the best tool possible...

  • Kate Gregory, Ale Contenti and Steve Teixeira: VC++ 2008 and Beyond

    Kate, Ali, Steve and of course Charles,

    I must ask, what will be the point in moving from C++ -> C#/VB .NET when the next ISO C++ standard is released ?  it will have a garbage collector to improve stability (hopefully).  Sure the .net framework is excellent, but I can interop already with what I want from it.

    C++ at that point can become GC enabled or non GC enabled at a whim !

    Again, I am a firm believer in the best tools for the solution.

    herb sutters blog
  • Pat Brenner: New Updates to MFC in Visual Studio 2008

    Well you've gone and done it now Pat ! :O

    Im going to have to go to my white board and figure out what my next new project using MFC as my UI base is going to be !

    Great vid Charles... Can we get more ?  Maybe with Pat and Ali together ?

  • Jeff Sandquist: Skateboarding, Channel 9 and Life at Microsoft

    jeffsand wrote:
    swiatecki wrote:
    Do you ship overseas ? (Europe)

    Yes, we do! Smiley

    If you guys ship to Europe, I'm guessing you could ship to Toronto Expressionless
    Btw great interview, defiantly captures the true essence of your team.

    I watch channel 9 almost everyday after or during lunch (while I'm at the office) and this was a very kewl change in perspective.

  • Building a Silverlight player for Channel 9

    I think I watched an interview on the star destroyer.. lol

    no seriously sounds good and I cant wait to startup some pet projects using silverlight.
  • Code to Live: Dave Redding and John Stevens on XNA and Independent Gaming

    nice show, I like the change of scenery.  keep up the good work.
  • Ale Contenti and Louis Lafreniere: Understanding Exceptions and When/How to Handle Them

    Thanks for the feedback.  True you would end up causing various other "things" to start breaking or even not compile.  But it would be fun to see what happens when the EH overruns ![6]

    Ale, can you post your speech after your done ?

    thanks again
  • Ale Contenti and Louis Lafreniere: Understanding Exceptions and When/How to Handle Them

    Ok, I had to stop the video just now (roughly the 30 minute mark) where you are discussing the states in a function and how you keep track of the state. (i.e. -1, 0, 1, 2, 1, 0, -1).

    One question, if some nut wrote a function with more states than your long integer (assuming you are using a long int) can handle, would it crash ? and if so how bad.

    Very kewl and Charles can we get more videos to discuss low level topics such as this.

    back to the video I go  !  Good work guys...

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