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Chris Pietschmann CRPietschma​nn Chris Pietschmann
  • Vote For Scoble...

    Why would you need a picture of Scoble to promote C9? All you would need is a picture of the C9 Guy.

  • Steve Ballmer on stage now...

    Who's this Steve Ballmer guy?  j/k...

    Download FREE VS '05 and SQL '05 Express Edistions here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/

  • RTM Express products out yet?

    CRPietschmann wrote:
    JChung2006 wrote: November 7 (official release date).

    It is Nov. 7th and they are still not available.

    Oh, nevermind, I found the link. I did have to search for it though. Smiley


  • RTM Express products out yet?

    JChung2006 wrote:
    November 7 (official release date).

    It is Nov. 7th and they are still not available. Sad

  • RTM Express products out yet?

    When will the RTM version of the Express products be out and ready for download?

  • C9 needs more indepth technical videos...

    I would like to see interviews with the dev's that worked on ASP.NET 2.0 and hear why they designed certain components the way they did.

    What are some of the features that didn't make it into ASP.NET 2.0, but we will see in the next version of ASP.NET?

    What are some performance tips to use with .NET 2.0 and/or SQL Server 2005?

    This would be really neat stuff to hear directly from the dev's that worked on the products.

  • When can I get a real office?

    Beer28 wrote:
    You can work for our company over the network if you like. That way you won't need an office. We have a "new age" corporate hq. When the auditer comes by they're going to freak out.

    More companies should see the light and adopt the "virtual office" concept. It's cheaper for the company if you work from home since they don't have to provide you with office space to work in.

    It's a paradigm shift that most are too afraid to make.

    I think virtual companies are pretty neat. Any network servers you need you could just have hosted at a good hosting service provider. Then you could have a VPN setup on one of the servers for your employees to connect to the network through. The only thing you would need a main office for is so you have a real postal address as to where your business resides and is run from.

  • Biggest .NET project ever? where?

    I know Vista has alot of features being written in managed code. I know the entire thing isn't managed, but I think there will be quite a big chunk of it that will be managed.

    I also think the new version of SQL Server Reporting Services for SQL '05 is entirely written in managed code.

  • Why no .net for linux?

    cyber_rigger wrote:
    Java, one language, many platforms.

    .NET,  one platform, many languages.

    Not entirely true...

    Should be...
    Java, one development platform, many OS platforms.
    .NET, one development platform, many MS OS platforms.

    Unless of course if you take into account Mono, then it would be:
    .NET/MONO, one development platform. many OS platforms.

  • C9 needs more indepth technical videos...

    I think C9 needs more indepth technical videos. More videos on Programming, low level windows components, etc. It would also be cool if a new video were released every day.

    9er's please post your comments to this thread so the guys at C9 know how we feel.