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Chris Pietschmann CRPietschma​nn Chris Pietschmann
  • Cure to CTP Madness now available on C9!

    Programous wrote:
    AnnieW wrote:

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble uninstalling Avalon.
    Here are two possible workarounds you can try:
    1. manually clean up Avalon install using msizap.exe
    Here are the steps:

    1. Download msizap.zip from www.huydao.net/setup/msizap.zip and unzip to get msizap.exe
    2. From the command line window, run msiexec.exe /x {397F147C-882E-4E9D-92D2-FE1D61E2729A}
    3. Then run msizap.zip {397F147C-882E-4E9D-92D2-FE1D61E2729A}

    2. Uninstall FX Beta 2, rEinstall .NET FX Beta 1 and uninstall Avalon Nov. release. Then reinstall FX Beta 2 and the latest Avalon
    Let me know how it goes. Good luck!


    Thanks for the suggestion, but when I run “msiexec.exe /x {397F147C-882E-4E9D-92D2-FE1D61E2729A}” I get the error “You must install v2.0.40607 of the Common Language Runtime before installing Microsoft Avalon CTP” Which, of course, is installed. But v2.0.50215 is also installed. Is there any command line switch to override that error?

    Whoa, be carefull man. Before uninstalling any beta version of .NET 2.0 you must first uninstall all dependant component/products first. Then uninstall .NET 2.0 Beta.
    Look here for more info: http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/vs2005/get/vsbeta2installissues/default.aspx

    Before you go and try to install Avalon Nov. CTP, just be aware that it requires .NET 2.0 Beta 1. If you have .NET 2.0 Beta 2 installed and still want to play around with Avalon, then you will have to install Avalon Beta 1 RC. The same goes for Indigo.

  • No IE7 for Windows 2000

    erik_ wrote:

    If I buy a car that has a support time of 5 years and a extended support time of 10 years. I expect the manufactor of the car to support it for those years and fix it if it is broken.
    I don't expect the manufactor of my car to replace my car radio with one that can play cd's instead of tapes.

    Nice, Analogy! That really throws it into perspective.

    If Microsoft ported all the new features/fixes that are in XP to 2K; then why not port them back to NT4 or even Win3.1. Hey, I want to use the .NET Framework 2.0 and IE7 on Win3.1. Hey some say Win3.1 was the most stable of the OS's.

    OK, back to reality... Microsoft is in this business to make money; of course they want to you upgrade from 2K to XP. That's how they make money. And, it definitely would not be good business practice to push Longhorn back another 6 months; it was already pushed back because of XPSP2.

    I know that I'm not totally comfortable with Microsoft being in such a powerful position, but I sure do love their software. The best (to make money) dev platform (in the world) is the .NET Framework. And for all of those who use Linux or MacOS there is Mono (an open source implementation of the .NET Framework).

    In the end EVERYTHING is about money. An Microsoft is a very innovative company with a lot of really smart employees.

  • Nominations open for Team 99 -- Longhorn Superuser and ​Superdevelo​per blogger group

    I'd nominate myself, but I'm not well known. Although I do have a blog. Smiley

    I would have to nominate Steven Bink from http://bink.nu

  • "Web Log" field in Profile is too short

    default.aspx is set as the default document, I'm using Community Server for my site, so the folder 'an_mcsd_from_wisconsin' doesn't actually exists so it needs to have the 'default.aspx' after it so that the request gets passed to ASP.NET instead of just getting a 404 error.

    I guess I'll have to do something to make a shorter url. Unless, of course they make the field longer.

  • "Web Log" field in Profile is too short

    The "Web Log" field in Profile is too short, the address to my blog doesn't fit.


  • Non-MSDN Subscribers can get Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2!!


  • Channel 9 to interview Jim Allchin, we want your help...

    Beer28 wrote:

    I believe he knows what mono is

    Yes, I know, I was just explaining it for other who don't. Believe it or not; there are alot of people who still don't know about the Mono project.

    I didn't know Scoble asked Suzanne Cook about mono; I'll have to check out that interview.

    I would still like to hear Jim's opinion on Mono, and whether Microsoft plans on bringing .NET to other platforms.

  • Channel 9 to interview Jim Allchin, we want your help...

    What do you think about the Mono project?

    Does Microsoft plan on bringing .NET to other non-Microsoft Operating Systems?

    Mono is an open source implementation of the .NET Framework which runs on MacOS and Linux. Mono brings .NET (the best dev platform in my opinion) to other non-MS platforms.

  • Hello Tablet world!

    I meant, I had to log out and then back in .NET Passport. As you may have noticed I don't have a TabletPC. Its difficult to write with a mouse.

  • Hello Tablet world!

    body must not be empty... [Duncanma]