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  • TWC9 - VB 2010, Collect app usage for free, donut caching, painting with light

  • Ping 48: Windows Phone 7, Bill Gates, Hayden Planeterium, Norwegian Google Prank

    I'm no native speaker, but Hayden says Hayden Planetarium (www.haydenplanetarium.org), or am I missing the joke?

  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Series Hands on Demo

    I'm pretty sure this is an HTC prototype. I kinda recognize the special waaaaaaaay it reacts to some touches. 

    What's the battery life with the phone being almost constantly online and running a lot of animations and the mandatory GPS?

    Does ActiveSync really work this time? Also via WiFi? No more duplicate contacts, appointments or notes? 

    Does the e-mail client still know IMAP?

    And: Developers! Developers. Developers? Let me make a guess: HTML5/Javascript, Silverlight Mobile, XBox Live app store.

    Godspeed, PocketPC.


  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Debugging Crash Dumps with Tess Ferrandez and VS2010

    Scott, work on your audio please, in particular the varying volume and the noise when you handle the camera.

    Great content, though.

  • Ping 33: Windows Phones are here, Windows 7 party kit, hacking & phishing

    From my experience some tips for getting in "touch" with Windows Mobile phones:


    1. Try before you buy

    You may be surprised how imprecise and sluggish some WM touchscreen devices actually react to your gestures. Try the features you're interested in - web browsing (try flash websites), photo/video, music playback, keyboard writing text messages or using Office Mobile, connecting to WLAN or to Bluetooth devices, and, of course, making and receiving calls. Try locking the phone so it doesn't switch off or otherwise call somebody when it's in your pocket.

    Take your time. Watch the battery life during your test.


    2. Clarify support for all the the phone's hardware and software.

    Most of it should be provided by your phone company, as the device manufacturer will probably not have more support than "hard-reset the thing and try again" and will in general not support another vendors' headsets or bluetooth devices. Many WM devices are being rushed into the market and will need software updates in the near future. No, Windows Update is usually not provided or does not update anything, so you will need a website to find and download updates or new ROMs yourself. The manufacturer usually releases only one or two ROM versions until the next device is going to market, so include non-official sources in your search, e.g. xda-developers.com.


    3. Clarify how you can backup and restore the personal data on your device

    MyPhone doesn't quite cut it, but it covers the basics: contacts, calendar, messages, personal files, photos. However, sync-ing the phone with a PC (or two) will do the same thing (except for text messages).

    What's left is all your customization, e.g. personal information, alarms, ring-tones, system settings (ActiveSync partners, email accounts, WLAN connections, Bluetooth pairings), preferences for the various built-in apps or the apps you installed, the list goes on. Keep in mind that you will need all this stuff after you sent your phone for repair or installed an updated ROM.

    Try to find a backup program that is able to restore reliably on a newer ROM version or a new phone (if the other one is beyond repair).


    4. Check the developer tools and the documentation



    5. Keep asking for Silverlight for Windows Mobile

  • This Week C9: Win7 on MSDN, PDC 2009, Drunktender

    I fail to see where XP Mode is more than a _Windows_ Virtual PC duct-taped to the host.

    With all this great filtering and shim stuff that comes out in Win7, the integration should have been much, much tighter.


    I would have wanted to see something like Windows-on-Windows, where file system and registry (as well as virtually every other filterable device) are shadowed to the guest appropriately.


    I can't migrate my old XP machine into a Windows Virtual PC image.

    I can't choose whether I would like to install an app into host or guest.

    I can't use Windows Update to update the host as well all the registered guests in the same download-install-reboot cycle.

    I'm not seeing XP Mode available for context-menu, "Compatibility".


    And as a home or small-office user, I can't have MED-V, which looks like it would solve a couple of those problems.


  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Chris Sells on Managing People and Your Time

    "lunch at the food court" "Note that Chris and I are both remote and live in Oregon"

    Then Scott mentions "Washington Square Mall".

    With that, and a little help from http://www.shopwashingtonsquare.com/ I'd guess Rainier Roaster.

    But that's just a guess.


    Great, great topic. "Every manager still writes code" - Be careful what you wish for. But anyway, still better than having no project manager or people manager care about code whatsoever.


    Scott, I hope by now that shock and denial are behind you, so please lead us through the next stages, talking to as interesting folks as Chris who are helping you to make it through this. Or, maybe, even some of your reports.

  • Ping 15: Project Natal, Win 7 launch, SEO toolkit, Dev Kit for WinMo, Netbooks

    Do not underestimate Natal. Maybe soon it's kinda like Surface 3D (in fact, even 4D). A revolution. Wave your PC Good Bye and it goes to Sleep. Stuff like Jack Carter's house in Eureka. Possibilities are endless.

    Good show.

    One thing, though: No pink on ping. Please.

  • Experten wird befragt - Launch 2008

    Da hat wohl der Automat ├╝bersetzt, oder?

    EN: Ask the Expert 
    DE: Experten befragt


    DE: Frag' den Experten

    (1) formal, (2) informal
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    >what tough questions would you be asking the CEO of Microsoft?

    Apart from that question, nice interview.

    IMHO, tough questions are:

    - How can I make sustainable business on your platform over the next 3 - 5 years?
    - What are models for me to collaborate and compete with your 50,000+ workforce?


    Maybe in the future, could you post some of those hilarious BillG and SteveB videos they show at the company meetings?