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  • Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform Overview

    Can/will this be used for temperature sensors in the PC to control fans?

  • Windows 7 Graphics – High DPI

    This is very important, certainly not useless. Apps are supporting this pretty well. I've been using "high dpi" for a long time and while really bad in XP, by 2007 in vista most apps would scale correctly, with bugs now and again mostly in in minor applications, and now almost never happen. In fact it's more and more common for app icons to have 120dpi etc versions so there is no pixellation even here.

    Having a per-user setting in Win 7 is an expected and good addition.

    There should also be a nag screen when a user has a non-native resolution, allowing a one-click fix. It's ridiculous to see the display technology that microsoft and others have developed, cleartype for example with it's sub-pixel precision and find that people are sending the screen a low-res image.

  • Patterns and Match Expressions in F#

    Yes I don't like Microsoft naming; it can be hard to search for F#, C#, .NET

  • Bill Hill: Digital Democracy and the Declaration of Digital Independence

    bill hill wrote:
    I'll stick with Britannica or Encarta, where I know someone decided what was important, subject matter-specialists were commissioned to write about it, and their work edited by professionals. People whose living depends on their performance.

    Would you follow the instructions of an Internet Brain Surgeon?

    No, but should one follow the conflicting instructions of all the papers in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Brain Surgery (intended to be fictitious)?
    Would you follow the dictates of the Brittanica article on ethics (Peter Singer I think, who says you should kill babies who are likely to be unhappy in life, among other things).
    You have to assess anything you read.
    For an encyclopedia you know that some committee has selected some guy with a particular name to write on a subject and has read through what he has written. For wikipedia you know that some guy has felt the urge to write something on the internet and no-one has corrected him as yet. Neither peice of information is especially useful. More useful for judging (for a person who has some capacity for this, that is; others may have to get by with authorities) is the nature of the writing itself. (Style, content, structure.)
    No source is authoritative: you can and must learn from unreliable sources.
  • Bill Hill: Digital Democracy and the Declaration of Digital Independence

    Mr. Hill, thanks for your fast response on portrait/landscape cleartype. Hope the ability to work with both extends soon to more microsoft OSes.
  • Bill Hill: Digital Democracy and the Declaration of Digital Independence

    Sorry if it's the wrong place, but a general question about Cleartype development:

    Are there any plans to make it work with and respond to different orientations? Yes it isn't as useful but it would have some benefit.

    LCD monitors in portrait mode would benefit (with a large screen in portrait mode one can read a4 pages without scrolling).

    So would the various pocket PCs with the keyboards that push out, which are always going between portrait and landscape mode. Windows mobile supports this very well except cleartype doesn't, and if it is on you end up with blurry coloured text.