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  • Sue Loh: Windows CE - Analyzing Physical and Virtual Memory Usage Using Control Window Commands

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the Video on Memory tools,
    I have an ARM board with 64M of physical memory yet the tool below is reporting so much less.  Is this tool actually reporting the entire total available physical memory for the entire O/S or just reserved Virtual mem for Kernel only ?
    how do I find out what is my real total physical mem ?
    I want to know if all phisical has been correctly configed to actualy been made available for use

    Windows CE Kernel Memory Usage Tool 0.2
    Page size=4096, 4015 total pages, 2719 free pages. 2719 MinFree pages (5308416 current bytes, 5308416 MaxUsed bytes)
    16 pages used by kernel, 0 pages held by kernel, 1297 pages consumed.

    thanks Jose V.