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CaRDiaK CaRDiaK We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.
  • New Phone maybe Windows Phone 7

    , W3bbo wrote


    Here's a better, and real-world example:

    Contract: £10 a month, 300 minutes, 1000 texts, 1GB data (Three SIM 300)

    PayG: £10 a month, no inclusive minutes, no inclusive texts, 500MB data (O2).

    So what advantage does PayG have for anyone who actually uses their phone at all?

    3 is the worst network in the UK by a long way.

    GiffGaff £10 = 250 minutes, 10p calls, unlimited texts & net. Truly unlimited. I don't pay as work do for my phone, but I get all my friends on this and they love it, I must have saved my friends thousands between them all. http://giffgaff.com/

     edit: no contract either. I don't know how they do it but it works. 

  • New Phone maybe Windows Phone 7

    Why anyone on P&G in the UK Isn't on giffgaff is beyond me. 

    Android is the future though, forget iOS and WP. Hang on for 10 days and get yourself some ICS goodies. 

  • Getting Started... Again... :( Mentor needed

    @Ti1971: Here is a take on PPP.


    It's from McConnell's book, "Code Complete 2nd Ed" which I definitely recommend you beg, steal or borrow from somebody, you'll wish you read it years ago.

  • Getting Started... Again... :( Mentor needed

    @Ti1971: If your not short of ideas just start knocking thing up? Your going to run into problems but that's the best way to learn how to deal with them. 

    I think the hardest part is finding something you are actively interested in. If you have a lot of movies and music why not write something to help manage those. If you like photo's make something to play with them. 

    If you like data why not make some sort of simulator and keep stats then play with something like the google chart api.

    I understand a blank sheet can be daunting, have you tried the psuedo code programming practice? That can help if your not sure how to start out from scratch. 

    Get some little wins to inspire the greater success you seek. Most importantly have fun with it. 

    Good luck Smiley

  • With all these tablet threads...

    It's important to keep in mind this isn't exactly end user spec and its damn bulky too. It's aimed purely at development.

    Fortunately my company pay for my machines so it doesn't matter to me personally what it cost. As long as the business agrees that's all that matters.

    Could have gotten something cheaper but I insisted on the top spec i5, the IPS screen and I'm a complete keyboard * so I specifically requested this model.

    @w3bbo I'm getting 5 hours on the 9 cell battery with constant use. For me that's Office, Videos running, Visual Studio, pretty Impressed to be honest. It was a hard choice between this and the Air. I know your in bed with Apple now but for me, the winning factor was the ability to flip it and use it as a tablet. Now I can develop not only for Win 7 / Win8 but Android too, I have been dabbling more and more with Java lately. I do run gdipp on my machines though Wink Mac's font rendering is super sexy.

    Graphics is 5.9, gaming 6.3 on the experience index. Everything else is 7+, Not overly important to me as I don''t play games, I have a dedicated rig for that (when I eventually get the time to play anything)

    @cbae That's probably correct, but still means nothing to me. I could have gotten one for sub $8000, prob sub $600 if I tried, but this one means I should be set for a good few years to come without a lot of hassle, I'm a fan of software in general, it just so happens my day job is prominently MS, so at least I can keep work and myself happy at the same time with this thing.

    It's just nice not having to manage two machine configs and transfer files to and from work as lately, I have a lot of out of hours work to be doing as well as generally improving my development skills using different frameworks and languages. Was a pain to be honest there is so much out there at the moment. It was heading the way that I'd have two machines and then a tablet to manage at the same time which just wastes time more than anything.

    Now I have the potential / power to do almost anything, for almost everything, all on the same rig. For at least the next couple of years hopefully, which alas, makes my life Simpler! I couldn't ask for anything more than that I don't think... 

  • With all these tablet threads...

    My $2,600 tablet arrived the other day. Couldn't have come at a better time too with all these exciting changes happening on pretty much every platform right now. Love working in tech B)

    Bit of geeky fun once I had it setup (Priorities right!?> Tongue Out )

    Roll on WIN8!

    Lenovo X220Tablet - i5, 8GB, 160G SSD 

  • ITV Studio's Logo

    It's not often I actually get to watch TV, but I have noticed this logo lately which always makes me think I should be working! Tongue Out 

    ITV Studio's logo 

  • Programming in Visual Basic or c#

    , christ_child wrote

    I have been thinking of getting into a little coding lately.  Now, i know at 40 years old Im pretty much past my prime but i was wondering if anyone could point me to some good resources for someone just learning the art.

    God bless you all

    Surprised no-one has mentioned Python. I'd try that if you just want to dabble for now. I want to try this as soon as I get change but for the time being I've been moving from VB to C# and I must say, C# is lovely and it's much closer (syntactically) to Java and JavaScript if you decided you wanted to dabble with those. My best advice is do whichever you find the most fun for now and don't expect too much of yourself. 

    Lots of resource available for Python and others at; http://www.thenewboston.com/

    His YouTube channel also has some 200 C# tutorials. Have fun! Smiley 

  • Android ICS

    Been waiting for this since the Desire. I will be getting my mitts on one the day it's available. I love Android, it's just so cool and works perfectly for me. 

    ICS looks like the step it needed. Exciting!

  • First WPF/SL and now Windows Gadgets

    , AndyC wrote


    I kind of wish they'd done something like iA Writer, because then people might have started to take notice of how real applications could embrace Metro style, rather than just dismissing them as gadget replacements.

    wow, I have never seen that application before but that's awesome! I love notepad++ but it's cluttered to say the least.