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  • Direct​Compute Expert Roundtable Discussion

    Ask and ye shall receive.

    Currently, the following lectures are planned for release:

    Direct Compute Expert Roundtable
    Web Release Date
    :  Monday 6/14/2010

    Introduction to DirectCompute
    Web Release Date
    :  Friday 6/18/2010

    DirectCompute Memory Patterns
    Web Release Date
    :  Monday 6/21/2010 

    Basics of DirectCompute Application Development
    Web Release Date
    :  Friday 6/25/2010

    DirectCompute GPU Optimizations and Performance
    Web Release Date
    : Monday 6/28/2010

    DirectCompute GPU Accelerated Physics
    Web Release Date
    : Friday 7/1/2010

    DirectCompute - Integration with the Graphics Pipeline
    Web Release Date
    :  Monday 7/5/2010