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  • Microsoft DevRadio: Microsoft OCR Library - Enabling Windows apps to Recognize Text in Images

    Compared to the other OCR libraries I've tried, this one is surprisingly fast and fairly accurate.  I have thousands of mechanical engineering drawings in Deep Zoom format whose dimensions and other textual annotations I wish to harvest and correlate with their positions so that our drawing viewer application can enable text and/or dimension search and zoom.  Our drawing source images tend are usually 8,000 to 10,000 pixels in width.  Consequently I wish this Microsoft OCR library supported larger image sizes.  But perhaps it does support larger sizes; I only just took a look at it.  The demo app limits images to 2600 pixels. Kudos to the team!

  • Entity Framework

    I would like to know the name of the CodePlex project Rowan refers to about 53 minutes into the presentation.  After some sleuthing through the 817 LINQ projects, I've given up searching for it.

  • Securing ASP.NET Web APIs

    Is the Attach Debugger functionality not yet available?

    I deployed a web role debug configuration to a staging area.  The Attach Debugger context menu item is not listed in the Server Explorer node for my site.  I'm using VS 2013 with the latest tools.

  • TWC9: Windows 8.1 RTM's, VS Unit Test Generator, more Azure GA's and more

    I suggest that you consider creating Seadragon versions of your posters and hosting them on Microsoft servers.  You could also do OCR on the source images and make them searchable (we do this with mechanical engineering drawings) in the Seadragon viewer  Most of us devs, I suspect, would like to access these posters on occasion.  But we don't really want to tape them to our walls and so they go unused.  Just a thought... 

    P.S. it would be wonderful if Microsoft maintained Seadragon or contributed to the OpenSeadragon project both of which have a lot of bugs. It's a really fantastic technology -- very useful in all sorts of domains -- and it would work exceptionally well for these large posters.

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate

    The Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 RC (x86) - DVD (English) link on the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site indicates that a product key is not required.  However, the installation dialog asks for a product key and installation can't proceed until one is provided.


    Oops, haven't had my coffee yet this morning.  This comment applies to the Windows 8 RC and not VS.