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  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Bug:  by clicking "New Post" in the Sandbox and changing the forum to Coffeehouse, I can add attachments and tags to posts in the Coffeehouse, even though this is impossible from the form you get if you click "New Post" in the Coffeehouse.
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Duncanma wrote:
    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    Something about the site makes it so that you can't click any links at all in MobileSafari...  I'll go fire up (desktop) Safari in a bit and see if I can't find any leads for you.

    (And, no, my iPod isn't broken.  It's like there's an invisible overlay over the whole site.)

    Thanks, I appreciate you putting the extra effort in to checking that... I have used the site from desktop safari, so I'm not sure if you'll see the same issue.

    Yeah, I didn't see anything resembling the same problem in desktop safari.

    It would be nice if Apple gave developers a MobileSafari emulation mode or something, where you could use the Web Inspector to get more information like you can in desktop Safari (when it works...  seems to be broken on my computer).  You don't have any transparent <div>s hanging around that could cause this kind of thing, do you?  That's what it seemed like (the page scrolled fine, the communities bar still worked, just none of the links on the page worked).
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Something about the site makes it so that you can't click any links at all in MobileSafari...  I'll go fire up (desktop) Safari in a bit and see if I can't find any leads for you.

    (And, no, my iPod isn't broken.  It's like there's an invisible overlay over the whole site.)
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Rowan wrote:
    Matthew van Eerde wrote:
    Doesn't work at all in either of my two primary browsers (Minefield or Bon Echo - x64 builds of Firefox).

    Instead of a list of threads I see this:

    Page Navigation

    I'm using Firefox 3 so I can't see any content either.

    Please learn how to sniff out browsers correctly!

    Yes--  C9 team, please sniff for Gecko and the Mozilla version, not Firefox!!

    (from yet another user of FF nightly builds, which identify themselves as Minefield, not Firefox)
  • Building a Silverlight player for Channel 9

    Duncanma wrote:
    If you'd like to see Silverlight on this site in the near future, check out this thread.

    And you can see this video in said Silverlight player, too (suprised you didn't link it):

    Very cool (beats streaming using WMP hands-down).
  • Sampy Gets Shot in the Face - A Channel 9 Exclusive

    Rory wrote:

    Hey, all.

    I'm glad that the overall reaction seems to be positive.

    There have been a lot of talks lately at 9 about what kind of content we'll be doing. My feeling is that we need to return to the shorter, more interesting videos.


    The changes are the result of everything I've observed since coming on board in late October. As a former customer of Channel 9, I think I'm right about what needs to be done, but I'm just one guy.

    What do you think?

    I'll have to agree.  There is a place for lengthy videos about things like testing and deploying IPV6 or production planning with Dynamics AX, but the really compelling videos that people want to see are interviews with interesting people focusing on those people or the topics that those people are really passionate about.  Early in Channel 9, there were a lot of these types of videos--  the first two "real" videos were with Bill Hill, about spaces after periods and about human interaction--  two things that he, working in reading technology, is passionate about.  The videos were able to focus in on one topic and they were not only informative but also showed the human side of Microsoft--  passionate people working on projects that they love and that they are passionate about.
  • Sampy Gets Shot in the Face - A Channel 9 Exclusive

    You do realize you're going to have to have another HR meeting now, telling you not to post videos of you shooting each other on the internet...  Tongue Out

    Today was Pirate Day?  I didn't hear you ending every sentence with "Yar"...  Wink

    edit:  ah, crud, this video was posted yesterday.  Yar!
  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    In-browser demo of the "locating photos in 3D" part:  (Java applet)
  • Learn how 10 was made

    Pretty cool!  Only real complaints are the username length limit and the long time it takes for the movie to start (but everyone's already mentioned that, including myself)...  otherwise it's pretty nice.

    I think this might be the only place I'll ever see quicktime coming from  Ironic.
  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    Hmm... got me looking into the DLLs just out of curiosity...

    Question:  why are not only all the XP IE6 toolbar icons there but also all the Windows 2000/98 style toolbar icons there as well?  Just curious.

  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    BryanF wrote:
    (2) Could address bar be extended to act as a word wheel for favorites and feeds? For instance, if I typed "Windows Live", the Windows favorite, as well as the and OneCare Live feeds would be pushed to the top of the autocomplete list. Ideally, we'd be able to query in free-form; if I were to type "live favorites", the Windows Live Favorites link would be pushed to the top, even though I didn't type "Windows".

    Except for free-form query, this already works for favorites.  You just don't realize it because your favorite most likely starts with the same letter as the URL and the URL goes up to the top of the list if it's accessed more than the favorite.
  • Windows Vista Tattoo

    leighsword wrote:
    PeterF wrote:Skip to the end, she colored it in.

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