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  • Azure One Month Pass - No Credit Card Required

    ManipUni said:

    Does anyone really think that they're qualified to write good cloud applications? I can barely write a half decent multi-threaded application. I mean if it is read only then sure, but with caching I doubt the load is very high anyway. Can you imagine the IO issue you'd be presented with when half a dozen apps are writing to the same database?

    The whole point of Azure is that it abstracts all that away from you.  You just write a plain old webapp; the Azure infrastructure takes care of all the hard parts:  data distribution/synchronization, automatic allocation of nodes, etc.

  • New DDi release!

    Marked as spam.


    Tongue Out


    (Just kidding Wink )

  • Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 2 released

    AndyC said:

    Seems that hardware acceleration still isn't available. It's incredibly slow compared to the IE9PP.

    But it actually has a UI.

  • internet cost / speed.  Post yours.

    I'm on a 3 Mbps connection (AT&T Southeast DSL) at something like $38/month.


    Not the best deal ever, but their only competition around here is Comcast...  and I don't want to have anything to do with them.


    [edit] In TN, USA here.

  • Preview the New Channel 9

    For "classic account" users, sign-in is here:  http://preview.channel9.msdn.com/SignIn


    (The "Classic Account users sign in here" link on the LiveID sign in page leads to the current site, not the new one)


    BTW, the day you switch to Live ID-only for sign-in will be the day I stop visiting.  Live ID (and switching between IDs) isn't worth it.

  • Subtitles?

    Charles said:
    JoshRoss said:
    Charles wrote:
    This is something we really want to provide (and have for quite some time), but we haven't had the ability to just get it done. We will address this. You have my word.


    Wow. I made that remark over 4 years ago... So much for my word, eh? Lame.


    I'm having a hard time accepting how fast time is flying by... 4 years? This is still something that people request and it's still something we talk about doing. Dan and Jeff will have to make the call. It costs time and money and we certainly can't do it for all of our content. The question then becomes which pieces of content do we subtitle and why?


    No, the real question is, which MSR team do you hit up for the latest in voice/language recognition tech so you can make captioning completely automatic.  Wink

  • Google renders androids uselss

    CreamFilling512 said:
    phreaks said:

    Is there really no way to disable just data?  What if I'm roaming overseas?

    The Motorola Droid (running 2.1) I was playing with earlier today could disable data roaming.  No idea if you could disable data altogether, though.


  • Google renders androids uselss

    Source for this "widespread" disabling of Gmail accounts for no apparent reason?


    This is the first I've heard of it.

  • "Near C Performance" w/ TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine

    kasajian said:
    Sven Groot said:

    I don't think that's what he said.  Only talking about object construction.  In allocating dynamic memory in C# is faster than allocating in C.  The reason is because C# has garbage collection and thus can have a much simpler allocator.   In some cases, the allocation is simply a pointer-increment, which is similar to the speed of alloating an object on the stack.   In C and C++, some kind of a heap is used, so it's more expensive.   But this comparison rather naive.  C# than incurs a cost when the garbage collector runs, which C and C++ would not have.   However, the speed improevement of dynamic memory allocation with GC helps offset the cost of having a GC in the first place.


    In most real-world cases, this stuff doesn't matter.  A few places it does.  For instance, the fact that the time that the GC can take to collect is non-deterministic, it could be a problem in some cases when developing for real time systems.   But I wouldn't say categorically that GC can't be used (plenty of real time systems that use GC).  It all depends on what you're trying to do.

    Why are you arguing over a two-year-old thread?

  • Designing "attractive" web-sites?

    W3bbo said:
    mstefan said:



    However, of course, software like this lowers the entry barrier for being a "web designer" so we'll continue to be told that "my 12 yearold nephew can make websites too you know" when we hand in our 4-figure invoices to clients.

    If, as a web designer, you can't provide a tangible benefit over an automated tool or a technically-savvy twelve-year-old, perhaps you shouldn't be handing over 4-figure invoices to clients.