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JonathonW Cannot​Resolve​Symbol Microsoft: Who do you want to execute today?
  • News in 2014

    dotnetjunkie wrote:


    Matthew Thompson
    3331 Humboldt Ave. S
    Apt. 1
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
    United States

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: GOOGLEZON.NET
    Created on: 03-Jun-04
    Expires on: 03-Jun-07
    Last Updated on: 02-May-05

    The authors of Epic 2014 are Robin Sloan and Matthew Thompson, the pround owner of Googlezon.net...

  • How does Expression compare with Visual Studio?

    OK, I see.  If that's what they are going to do (which makes sense) I'll be interested to see how it is reflected in their pricing-- will they go with the around $400 range like Dreamweaver or sell it for cheaper?  Questions, questions....

  • How does Expression compare with Visual Studio?

    McAfee VirusScan 2005 (the previous version) and its other companion products come in red boxes.  The VS2005 box looks nice too... but it is just a box, so...

    Expression Graphic Designer is a REALLY cool app... I've been running the beta for a while now and it is impressive:  I will be sad when it expires at the end of the year.  I don't know about the rest of the applications in the suite:  they haven't been released as public betas.

    I don't really understand their intentions by producing ANOTHER web designer:  They already have Frontpage and the designer in VS.  You won't see me crying if Expression Web Designer replaces Frontpage, though.  Frontpage stinks.

  • A boy named Google

    If I were named Google, I think I would be scarred for life.

  • Why do we let Beer28 continue?

    In response to Travis H.'s request-- I'll let a quote from one thread explain:

    Beer28 wrote:
    Why are you using windows?

    It works perfectly on linux.
    BTW, The company now has brand new 64 bit peripheral loaded to the core desktops and some refurb laptops to sell preloaded with linux. I can't wait to sell hardware

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    I run linux on an older desktop of mine... but I have yet to get Linux loaded on my laptop.  I want to put it on an external hard drive, b/c a computer company that shall not be named put the recovery partition at the end of the drive and didn't ship discs for any of the software that I paid for.

    If you can direct me to some good deals on USB 2.0 or firewire hard drives, I will install linux in an instant.  Until I get one, I am stuck with Windows.

    Beer28 wrote:
    We're selling laptops and PC's now. Normally you'd just go to best buy or something, but if you want, next week, we'll have brand new AMD-64 bit desktops preloaded with Redhat Fedora w/160 gig hd's and 512 Meg ddr, + video ect... on our site on a new subdomain.

    If you want to go for a performance linux system. If not, I still recommend you go to best buy and just buy a drive.

    Thread:  http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=127946

  • Avalon Express

    Harlequin wrote:
    StretchMan wrote:
    Arran wrote: For some people it has its place in Web Tech as a internal/intranet/extranet technology. 

    But i dont believe its intended to try and replace something like flash.  So no i would not spend too much time thinking about how you can use it on web projects.  Not yet anyway...

    Right on. This thing is for application development first. Not to replace Shockwave stuff. It's not in the same league anyway. It's something that would enlight the experience for Web Deployed Applications on intranet/extranet.

    Not in the same league? WPF would blow Flash out of the water if it was a simple plugin to download.

    Except it won't be a simple plugin to download:  WPF requires the whole WinFX runtime and .NET version 2; the former being 2.2MB and the latter being 22.9 MB.  Both require a restart, which is not a good thing when surfing the web.

    And it would leave people with older versions of windows or other OS's in the dark:  it will only run on XP and Vista, whereas Flash has plugins for Windows 95 through XP, Mac OS, Linux,...  Even Java supports all these platforms:  It can even run on Windows 95!!

  • Wierd Windows Behavior

    Even weirder:

    If you rename a file to con or any of the other reserved words (removing the extension) it will fail silently like you are observing.  But, if you give it an extension, such as con.txt or con.pdf, it will say "Cannot rename xxx:  a file with the name you specified already exists.  Specify a different filename."

    And in Windows 9x, you could have a file called con.txt or anything to that effect-- something to do with the way Windows 95 handled long filenames, I think.

    A relic from the MS-DOS days... only still exists to make batch files and command prompt users happy.  The reserved names are the same concept as linux's device names:  /dev/console, /dev/null, /dev/tty.....  just implemented in an ms-dos-ish way.  And a little bit of information for you to go home with:  NUL is actually still useful if you want to silence the output of a program to the command prompt.