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  • Austin Donnelly - Touring around Cambridge England

    Oh, how I love cutesy Cambridge, specially when it's sunny! Scoble, I think I saw you outside Downing College that day: I wasn't sure it was you, so didn't pop down to say hi.

    Bummer, maybe I'd have been more motivated to start blogging my inane thoughts then.  


    1. I'm sure you'd be most welcome back here, keep us posted. Too bad we ain't big enough to keep you here for longer than the day, though!

    2. For some reason, the time shown on the posts no longer matches with my system time here. Am I that unobservant or is this expressedly to get everyone in sync for the Gates video or is it a bug? (I know as the one responsible, I'd always profess the 2nd option, given the chance! Tongue Out)

    3. Now I've seen the video: Lol, good ones on the old cantabridgian stories! Sorry for the boisterous undergrads post-exams, pre-may week, what can you do?
  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    Sweet! Now, nothing can stop me from trolli..., I mean, posting and replying on c9... uhm, except work that is.

    Good work Charles and co.!