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Cara Cara9 (Not Pictured)
  • CSS media queries

    We have been talking about this for a while and we discussed it again because of your post. We're not sure exactly how we're going to implement this yet but we will do something.

  • How to view queued videos?

    @vbaderks: There was a little bug in there that didn't show the Queue tab if you didn't have any previous comments or posts. The fix should be pushed up later today - thanks for letting us know.

  • Silverlight Videos

    You can choose to use the html5 video player if you want. Click "Profile" up at the top of the page near the "Sign Out" link. From the Profile page click "edit profile" and under "Site Settings" there is a "Video Playback Preference" dropdown list. If you change it to HTML5 and click "Save", then as long as you're signed in to Channel 9, any video you watch will attempt to use the html5 player first. It'll fall back to Silverlight only if we don't have an html5-compatible video available (ie: if we only have wmv or if you're using Firefox and we only have wmv or mp4). You can also just click the "format" button below any video to try all of the different formats (smooth streaming should have less buffering than progressive). Let me know if any of the other formats help you.

  • initParams for the channel 9 player to specify initial time offset?

    We do it with javascript currently. Once the video is initialized, we look for #time in the url or a cookie (if you have one) and use a js call to seek to the position. We do it this way because then we only need one method of doing so and we can use it for both the silverlight and html5 player. I think there is an initparam you can add if you're using the Silverlight embed code called starttime but you'd have to convert 06m24s into seconds to do it.

    <param name="initParams" value="...,starttime=60"/>

    I can make it work for you with our iframe embed code though. There was a little check in there that was preventing it from working but once we push up this code change (should be sometime this week), you'll be able to add the #time= to the iframe embed url.

    <iframe src=".../player?w=512&h=288#time=06m34s" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" ></iframe>

  • @reply to post:

    That was my mistake, sorry. I changed the title on the reply to link when I was working on a different feature, not realizing that it was being used by the script that generates the reply to name when you click the button. I guess this would be an example of the one drawback of unobtrusive javascript! Geoff fixed the reply to code to generate the name from elsewhere already so I think we're just waiting for it to be pushed to production.

  • System errors sometimes when editing

    This is interesting! Not the system error so much but the "self-reminderwhy" thing. I can repro it in dev so I'll check it out and see if I can fix Smiley

  • Build - The Discussion

    ,PerfectPhase wrote

    Anyone know what the '+ add all videos to queue' option on the video pages does?  Is there a download manger somewhere or a private favourites/playlist?

    There is not currently a download manager or favorites list but we have been working on a personal queue feature like Hulu or Netflix. Looks like parts of it got accidentally exposed this morning with all of the Build updates happening. Smiley

  • Language Filter Issue?

    They must've forgotten to change the language of the post when it was first published. It seems like it's fixed now though, right?


    Can you give us an example of a session w/slides in PDC 2010 that isn't working? I looked at a few randomly but don't see any w/slides.

  • Best HTML/JS book?

    This book changed my life: Designing With Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman. I'm not sure why it has "design" in the title since it doesn't really deal with design at all - it's all about html + css and web standards.