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Cara Cara9
  • Playback Speed

    @TheRickshaw: Just wanted to let you know that we have added Playback Speed as a setting in the HTML5 player. It is located under the little gear setting icon. Let us know if you have any feedback on it and thanks for letting us know!

  • How to add videos to watchlist

    This is very strange! My Queue was working fine yesterday but today I am getting these same Access is denied error messages. I'm looking into it.

  • Ch9 Windows Store app: "Most Viewed" content too old

    @furball: The app decides what languages to pull content from based on a couple of settings. First, if you are signed into the app (which it looks like you are), it grabs your language preferences from your profile. If you sign into the Channel 9 website, click Profile at the top and select Edit Profile, you should see a Language(s) dropdown. You get English "for free", we always show English content and then whichever additional language(s) you have selected there also show up. Can you let me know if you have Dansk selected there or anything else?

  • SpamSpamSpam

    Funny :) It's not that we don't know, it's just that the system is not where we would want it to be if we were to open up that kind of functionality to the larger group. The bigger the issue is, the higher priority it will get so let us know when things get crazy.

  • SpamSpamSpam

    Well, Duncan and Mark are our night owls and Greg is the early bird so there might be an hour or two in between them but not much. Once we get a better auditing system in place, we can give the bulk delete permissions another look but until then its a little scary to give out that much responsibility. It seems (to us) pretty rare that we get hit with a significant amount of spam. Maybe you guys are helping out all the time so we just don't know how bad it is, so it might help if you let us know rather than cleaning it up when it's a lot :)

  • SpamSpamSpam

    Hey all, admins do have the ability to delete all posts for a user so if there are more than a few to remove, please just let us know and we will take care of it. If you use our Contact Us form (link at the bottom of the page) it goes straight to the right people.

  • Is there some kind of API that can be used to access the data on Channel 9

    @jlo2: You can use the $expand function to get Tags, Speakers (on Sessions) and Authors (on Entries). If you are doing the expand and the Speakers or Tags collections are still empty, that means they don't have any. Level should be coming in on every Session if there are any, otherwise it should be null. It doesn't look like we have Day in the odata API currently but I can look at adding that. Captions will appear only when you are accessing the Entry or Session directly (the collection will be null in a list of Entries or Sessions). I'll look into Comments. Sessions and Entries have a property called CommentCount on them but expanding on Comments doesn't seem to work. I don't currently use Comments in any of the apps I've been working on so I'm not sure if the API supports that yet.

    Session using $expand on Tags (notice Captions also appear)

    Session using $expand on Tags and Speakers

    Entry using $expand on Tags and Authors

  • Ch9 App not working properly for TechEd 2014

    When you say "the app", do you mean the Channel 9 Windows 8 App from the Store or do you mean the Channel 9 website or maybe do you mean the Channel 9 Events App from the Store?

  • Is there some kind of API that can be used to access the data on Channel 9

    @jlo2: That's great that you're building an app around Channel 9 content, we'd love to hear about it once you're done.

    We do have another API that we use for our Windows 8 app as well as the newly built (but not yet released) Xbox One app and that is our oData API. I would consider it still in beta but we are betting on it, using it ourselves and improving it all the time. It doesn't quite support all of the oData functionality that you might be expecting. Part of that is intentional, part of that is that we just haven't needed it yet so feel free to let us know if there is something you would like to do or think you ought to be able to do and can't.

    Here is a quick run down of some common queries you might need:


    Homepage featured items
    channel9.msdn.com/odata/Featured or


    Single Event

    Sessions within an Event

    Single Session

    Entries are similar to Sessions, just substitute Entries for Sessions and Area for Event.

    All results are paged with 25 maximum results. If there are more pages, there will be a nextLink included in the results.

  • "My Queue" / "add to my schedule" broken

    Thanks for letting us know!

    It's maybe a bit confusing but there is My Queue and My Schedule. Your Queue is accessed by clicking the Profile link at the top of the page and then clicking the My Queue tab. My Schedule is purely for Events and is accessed by navigating to the Event (Build 2014 for example) and clicking the My Schedule tab on that same page (the tabs are List, Schedule, My Schedule, Most Viewed, All).

    So I'm not sure if it's just the confusion of having these two separate lists or if there is actually a bug that you are seeing. I just went and tried deleting a video from my queue and refreshing the page and it was gone. I also tried adding a Build 2014 video my schedule and then removing and it seemed to work fine. If you are still seeing this problem, can you let us know which one it's happening with (Queue or Schedule) and what browser you are using?