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Cara Cara9
  • Has the Search died?

    Hmm.. I was able to get to them by searching for "the full stack" and checking the "Series Posts" radio button.


  • When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?

    Wow, that's a lot Smiley Geoff is home sick today so I'll respond in his absence.

    , Mr Crash wrote

    2. Why are you creating a competetive HTML5 version ?


    Who's creating a competitve HTML5 version? We're not. We're using a third-party, javascript version until there is a better (hopefully HTML5 standardized) option.

    • browsers spell checking doesn't work 

    The reason for this, so I understand, is that browser spell checkers look for <textarea />s on the page and apply their functionality to that. As I explained before, in my long-winded description of how TinyMCE works, we do have <textarea />s on the page initially but TinyMCE hides these and creates it's own control in an iframe. The browser's spell checker can't reach or isn't aware of these new elements apparently. It is unfortunate but until we have a better rich text editing option (and we're open to suggestions btw), this is what we're going with.

    I'll log this one as a bug so that we can look into it. I believe both of these have to do with the javascript not loading properly. Our javascript files are hosted on a CDN as well as our images so those servers are not directly under our control. They are supposed to work every time but as you know, things happen on the web. Perhaps we can improve our fallback and try again to load it if one of the files fails to load.

    • Long comments have a bad scroll bug - might be fixed now, i don't know

    This comment of mine is pretty darn long and I don't see any scrolling problems Smiley I'm using Chrome though. I do remember IE9 Beta having an issue where if you scrolled down the page it would start repeating everything? Something like that? I think they fixed that bug in RC thoughso let us know if it does come up again.

    • copy and paste is buggy in many ways (i'm using the keyboard shortcuts: ctrl+c, ctrl+v)
    •      1. pasting in a long comment makes the whole page scroll down
    •      2.  Pasted text get different formatting ( see my previous post for example )

    Interesting. #1 is by design. It's an option in TinyMCE to have the box grow as you type so that you can see what you're typing without having to scroll the box down. #2 sounds like a bug though so I will log that one as well.

    • Comments lose formatting (even when the toolbar is visible)

    Can you send a screenshot of this?

    • Breaking up a quote doesn't work (using *snip*) Make it easier to split up quotes

    Good suggestion, I'll put this in as a feature request.

    Hmm... the stylesheet should be the same within the text editor as when you hit submit and view it on the page. It is pulling the exact same stylesheet I believe (global.css). I'll speak with Geoff when he's back to make sure things haven't changed. Looks the same to me though, just anecdotally. If you hit Enter it creates a new paragaph, if you hit Shift+Enter it creates a line break (<br />).

    • Pressing submit button takes you back to the first post in the thread

    Yes, that's true. This relates to what happens when you click the little half circle on the forum thread list (take me to my last read post). Currently that is difficult for us because of the paging. It would be simple to send someone to /forum/thread#lastreadpost if we didn't have paging but since we do, we'd have to do a query on each thread to see what page the last read post exists on and that would bring down the perf on the forum thread list page. We have other ideas on how to accomplish this such as running the query only after someone actually clicks on that circle (which I think is what we're going to go with) but just haven't implemented it yet. Hey, we've been a little busy with adding Events and whatnot Smiley But once we have that functionality, we can apply the same logic to when someone submits a new post. Let's say the last post is at the end of page 2 and your new post ends up being the first post on page 3 instead, we'd need to figure that out. Anyway, it's already a bug in our system so I'll just add to it to use the same logic for creating new posts.

  • The quote bug...

    No, it was weird.. in one post there were a bunch of <h5 /> tags that were not well formed. I don't know how those got there so I assume someone put them in on purpose (not much we can do about that). There does seem to be an issue where TinyMCE likes to surround  [quote /]'s with paragraph tags which ends up in invalid markup such as <p>[ quote]Some quote here.</p><p>A new paragraph here[/ quote]</p> But that doesn't seem to break the page.

  • The quote bug...

    That was fun. I fixed some of the html and it appears to be okay now. 

  • When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?

    A fix was pushed up yesterday for the control which should get rid of the focus bugs that were happening in IE. We have removed the dropdown that was grabbing focus away from the textbox because it seemed unnecessary anyway. Please let us know if any of you are still having issues with the control and if so, do you still see that Format dropdown list in the toolbar?

  • How can I change my username on CH9?

    @leeappdalecom: On the site, you can change your display name but not your username. To change your display name, you'd click the "Profile" link at the top near "Sign Out" and then click "edit profile". If you really want to change your username and not just your display name, you can submit a request to the Contact Us page and if it's possible, they will hook you up.

  • What happened to the Learn link?

    Most of the content has been moved over to MSDN Learn and I believe the idea is to move the rest soonish so it was replaced with Coding4Fun.


    Here's a link to MSDN Learn:

  • When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?

    , Mr Crash wrote

    ... snip ...

    There's also a bug where the submit button refuses to work
    Firefox also have the "missing toolbar", "broken spell checker", "broken reply link", etc... bugs as chrome.


    Forgot about this part. The submit button refuses to work? I haven't heard of this happening... we're not doing any funny business with the submit button besides validation.. you're not getting any error messages when this happens? Any consistencies you can mention when it happens? Always in Firefox and not IE?

    Broken spell checker - We don't have a spell checker on the control that I know of so it must be the Firefox spell checker you're referring to? In what way is it broken?

    Broken reply link - You click, it does nothing? That functionality is done with javascript so maybe it's another case of the javascript not loading properly especially if it's an intermittent problem. Sounds like it's often enough to make you notice though.

  • When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?

    @Mr Crash: I'm not positive but I think maybe the javascript isn't loading correctly when the control is "totally broken" (missing the controls at the top). If you do a hard refresh (hold down shift and click refresh) on the page, do the controls eventually show up sometimes or are they always gone?

    The control works like this - we put a normal <textbox /> in the source and apply a class to it. There is a javascript that runs on page load that goes and looks for textboxes with that particular class attached to them and then initializes the TinyMCE control. The TinyMCE code hides the original textbox and spawns a bunch of new html including a table containing the toolbar and an iframe which is where you actually end up typing into. The first image you posted makes me think there is somehow a negative css margin being applied to the content inside the iframe.  The second image makes me think the javascript never loaded that makes all the TinyMCE "magic" happen. In Firefox, if you right-click on the textbox when there is no toolbar (ie: "totally broken")  and click "Inspect Element", my guess is that it is just the normal <textbox />. Otherwise, you'd see an <html /> element inside an <iframe />.
    When I said we've been in contact with TinyMCE, that probably did sound vague but not because I'm trying to be political but because I'm not the particular developer who contacted them or have been working on it Smiley I remember Geoff mentioning he had either emailed someone at TinyMCE or filed a bug but I'm not sure what the outcome was. I just replied to you because he was on break for the week and I didn't want you to think the problem was being ignored.

    Anyway, the other day after we spoke about this, I downloaded a new, untouched version of TinyMCE and I did not see the strange focus issues in IE9 out of the box that we are seeing on our site so I tend to think the problem is on our side somewhere. Could be a stylesheet issue, could be some of our other javascript not playing nicely. We have a "theme" that is being applied which contains our C9 emoticons and who knows what else that may be causing the issue as well. Geoff, who just got back from a lovely break, is working on it as we speak and I think he may have less hair now than when he started Wink

    Can you do me a favor and look at the example on the TinyMCE site (link below) in Firefox and IE and tell me if you're having any of the same problems with those examples? I'm mostly curious about the negative margin and no toolbar issue that you posted the images about since I haven't heard of anyone else having those issues.


  • 'Mark as Troll' button

    Lol.. that's an awesome idea Smiley