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  • Understandi​ng the Xbox One Game Platform Built on Windows

    I do hope MonoGame support is mentioned ;).

  • .NET Community & Open Source

    @carlospinedag: The Xamarin runtime on most platforms is 4.5 compatible.

  • Accelerating Windows Store Game Development with Middleware

    Considering that MonoGame was one of the first frameworks that allowed you to release your games on Windows 8 and Window Phone 8, even ahead of Unity3D, I'm disappointed it wasn't given more air time, or that any demos of it running on Windows were shown.

    Also you neglected to mention 2 of the biggest XNA games that were ported to other platforms using MonoGame, namely Bastion, from Supergiant Games, and Fez by Polytron Corporation!


  • Microsoft DevRadio: Using Xamarin to Create the Draw a Stickman app for Windows 8

    It is worth pointing out that Hitcents used MonoGame ( to allow them to port their game from iOS to Windows 8 and Android in 4 hours!!

    MonoGame is an OpenSource implementation of XNA that works on iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS, PlayStation Mobile, Windows 8RT, Windows Phone8, Ouya, Raspberry PI and maybe one day, a console near you Smiley.

    Check it out and help make it the XNA you hoped it would be.

  • Game Development

    The speaker did not point out that MonoGame allows you to port your XNA game to iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux and as he mentioned Windows 8. Soon we will support Windows Phone 8, PlayStation Mobile and even Raspberry Pi.

    Get more information from!

  • MonoGame - Write Once, Play Everywhere


      To actually start using MonoTouch or Mono For Android, costs you nothing as the trial version, which works with the respective simulator/emulators, is FREE. Only once you are ready to test on an actual device do you then need to pay $400. Xamarin have special offers through out the year too, so look out for those as well.

    MonoGame will be adding ES 2.0 ( shaders, programmable pipeline etc) and 3D support in the new year, and we hope to support PlayStation Suite ( PS3, PS Vita and Sony Tablet and Other Sony certified devices ), when PS Suite ships, hopefully some time in 2012.

    Check here for some MonoGame related videos.

    I might be wrong, but doesn't monotouch for iOS/Android cost 400$ for each platform?

    Seems a bit expensive for most starting developers, specially compared to similarly priced alternatives like unity3d that are more mature and can also be coded in C#.

    I do see it as really interesting for MacOS and Linux thought.

    Not trying to flame/bash here, just wondering.