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  • Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 1

    Sven I understand the issues you've had. The only thing I'll say is that I feel your pain and to me DRM is problematic at best.

    It's just not an issue that I usually worry about to be honest.  Between the amount of DRM free classical literature and the ability to freely convert Word documents to .lit format (, it's just not an issue I've run into.

    If I were reading the latest book, or had to purchase them and deal with activation the way you have, I'm sure I'd feel the same.  My point is more about the "visual" and "readability" aspects. Those thing that Bill was talking.  The only real refrence he made to IP issues I totally agree with, no one originator of content should be paid only once. To which the larger question of course is how? 

    I have no idea.  What I do know is that whatever content I get in the MS Reader format is easy on my increasingly antiquated eye-balls.

  • Bill Hill: The Future of Reading on the Web, Part 1

    I'd just like to thank Bill and the typography team.  I've been using Reader first on an Axiom (similar to one he briefly showed off back in the walk around the campus video) and then later I upgraded to the same HTC phone / PDA that he briefly showed off in the video here.

    The ability to have MS Reader and all the associated readability elements is probably the only thing that has allowed me to actually keep reading anything other than, well TechNet basically.

    I never knew how, but something about reading books on Reader has always just been as natural as reading an actual book.  It’s absolutely fascinating to hear about all the research that went in to achieving that experience.


    Thank you. Your work is very much appreciated.

  • Brian Beckman: A Brief History of Computing

    I for one, would love to see a regular "Brian Beckman" show here on C9.

    Just a quick note, tried to stream this and I was having some problems, then I went to download it. Isn't 1.2 gigs a bit large for an hours worth of video?

    Now don't get me wrong, it's Brian Beckman, I truly feel like you could just film that guy ordering lunch and somehow I'd learn...., so I'll download it size be damned Smiley