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  • Instant Feature Builder Walkthrough

    Michael Lehman took matters into his own hands for providing a layer on top of the already excellent FB.

    Unknowingly he relieved the path constraint a little bit.

    IFB is the second best thing after PreProcessed Text Templates (which come after sliced bread, of course).


  • Silverlight TV 11: Dynamically Loading XAPs with MEF

    Hi Glenn,


    All of that is absolutely fantastic and I am trying to leverage every part of it (especially the DeploymentCatalogService approach, although I fear (and hope) that it will be overridden with a true distributable in the near future).


    However, these samples are a little bit misleading; SatisfyImports() is not asynchronous and you have already loaded all the catalogs before the button is pressed; if you put AddXap() to the button click nothing will work; and this is exacly the scenario that we want: nothing should be pre-loaded unless it is going to be used. Essentially, you pre-load everything in the main page and if the user quick enough and the server slow enough it will break as well.


    In short I would expect IPartImportsSatisfiedNotification to be more closely related to an async SatisfyImports.